Smart Amazonas

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The project overall goal was to deploy a Smart Agriculture pilot system with the aim of monitoring parameters related to vegetation health, enhancing the flora and fauna diversity, and providing tools to face climatic change in tropical areas.

This issue was addressed by the deployment of 36 Smart Agriculture Plug&Sense! along the rain-forest, establishing a mesh network between them and Meshlium, the Libelium IoT gateway, which will communicate the collected and processed information to a remote location to manage data.

Technically, the problem was solved by developing sketches (codes that will run in the Plug&Sense! CPU) to manage the nodes to be able to read the humidity, the temperature, the solar radiation, and the leaf wetness sensors. Besides, each node was able to process the data and not only send the collected information to a gateway but also store it in the micro-SD card ensuring the data in case of connectivity problems in the network.

“Compared to the old ways of monitoring the rain-forest, the capability to receive wireless and real-time data allow us to act in the very right moment and avoid environmental damages”

Main elements involved in the project:

  • Plug&Sense! Smart Agriculture
  • Digital Humidity and Temperature
  • Solar Radiation
  • Weather station
  • Leaf wetness sensor
  • DigiMesh 900MHz radio module
  • Meshlium IoT gateway