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The project was developed in New Zealand with the aim to establish a smart living application to collect real-time information on a range of smart cities related parameters, such as pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, air quality, noise or luminosity, providing open access information about the city.

There were located several nodes around the city, based on Libelium Smart Cities Plug& Sense! technology, collecting information from the sensor probes, and sending the data through a mobile network to a Gateway that will process, parse and give access to it in a user-friendly manner.

From a technical point of view, this issue was solved with two different IoT systems.

The first system included smart city nodes fitted with dust, temperature, luminosity, and noise sensor probes and 3G radio modules which run an ad-Hoc code reading. The nodes sended the information through that mobile protocol and were sleeping to maintain a continuous and autonomous functioning with the only electrical supply source of a solar panel.

This information was received by the Meshlium gateway that process and parse it into its internal database so the data can be visualized from Libelium’s Meshlium visualizer and also from external Cloud platforms.

The second system, in charge of monitoring pedestrians and vehicles’ flow, was implemented using Meshlium Scanner 3G-AP, to detect the available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to estimate the current traffic and to give access to the collected information using the mentioned platforms.

Thanks to Libelium we have been able to focus on the application development instead of the issues related to hardware, creating new value for local businesses and their customers”

Main elements involved in the project:

  • Plug & Sense! Smart Cities 3G
  • Dust (PM10) probe
  • Temperature probe
  • Luminosity (LDR) Probe
  • Microphone (dBSPLA) probe
  • Magnets for contactless reset
  • Meshlium Mesh-3G
  • Meshlium Scanner