Wireless M-BUS Module Integration

Wireless M-BUS Module Integration Banner

The project was undertaken to allow monitoring the water consumption behavior of a city by deploying wireless sensor networks based on Libelium technology.

The solution provided mainly consists on the creation of a new version of Libelium Smart node, which will act as an interface between city buildings water meters and a mobile network. The final objective was to develop a system able to access information about overall city water consumption from any remote location.

From a technical point of view, the solution was approached by the development of all the needed hardware and software to integrate Wireless M-BUs protocol into Libelium’s Waspmote platform to monitor the WMBus specific electricity and water meters readings.

Once the new meter protocol was able to be handled by Waspmote, the rest of the project was based on programming the sketches (code templates) that coordinately manage both wireless and meter communication protocols, giving access to the metering data from a remote location.

“Thanks to the integration of the WMBUS module in Libelium’s platform, we have been able to develop and deploy WMBUS gateways, offering an innovative billing service to our costumers who can identify water wasting practices, increasing their efficiency and saving up to 50% of the water consumption”

Key elements of the integration:

  • WMBus communication module
  • Waspmote PRO