XBEE XSC Integration

XBEE XSC Integration banner

The main objective of the project was to offer the software and hardware tools to integrate the WLAN XSC Xbee module into the Waspmote platform.

This application was addressed by the integration of a specifically chosen radio module that would act as the radio media that establishes a wireless sensor network within the GSM American frequency band (900 MHz) in a long-range manner.

With this aim, it was developed a new ad-Hoc version of the Waspmote API, integrating the XBee XSC radio module from DIGI into the Waspmote and Meshlium platforms. It included several out-of-the-box examples to illustrate its functioning and to help developers to build IoT application based on this new configuration.

“This integration has done our technology compatible with Libelium technology, adding in this way sensors to our platform and consequently offering an innovative solution to our current and new customers”

Key elements of the integration:

  • XBee XSC radio module
  • Waspmote PRO