Together we increase the wellbeing of your city

Because people deserve a sustainable and intelligent city of the future. A city capable of making intelligent decisions based on reliable and secure data that allow to increase step by step the quality of life in the urban environment.

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Low Emissions Zone (LEZ)

Clean air and a noise-free city are the main basis for a healthy environment. Find out all the necessary information about this initiative.

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Urban Mobility Services

Traffic management, route efficiency and proper treatment of parking spaces in your city help citizens live better lives. Learn more about what IoT can do for you here.

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Smart Tourism Services

Tourism is a source of wealth for cities. Improving the tourist experience through IoT technology allows innovative urban actions that integrate technology in a sustainable way in the daily life of the city, increasing its tourist attractiveness.

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Urban Health Services

Constant exposure to certain pollutants and allergens cause citizens to have a poorer quality of life. At Libelium we can help to take efficient measures to improve detection and allow citizens to act.

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