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Transform your city with our IoT technology. Our SaaS solution redefines urban sustainability. We offer open and interoperable data space powered by cutting-edge IoT technology for precise decision-making.

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Are you ready to lead the digital transformation of your city?

iris360 opens doors to an era of intelligent and sustainable urban management. Our SaaS solution is key for cities that prioritize the present and future.

Libelium and iris360 are leading the way towards the digitalization of cities, ensuring efficient data management and resource optimization from the start while being compliant with EU regulations.

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Innovation and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

iris360 is not just a platform; it's a partner on your journey towards digitalization.Our robust infrastructure, actionable insights, and strong commitment to regulatory compliance provide you with the necessary tools to make intelligent decisions, optimize resources, and secure a sustainable future.

Robust and flexible Infrastructure

iris360 ensures interoperability and technological flexibility, adhering to standards and reference specifications for seamless integration into the ecosystem of European data spaces. This scalable and efficient foundation is essential for growth and innovation in the data-driven age.

Insights provides quick and effective responses

We provide valuable insights using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Our services also include automatic reporting, which not only presents key trends and patterns, but also helps identify anomalies and opportunities. With our reports, you can anticipate potential problems and optimize decision-making.

Compliance and Sustainability

iris360 helps companies achieve global carbon neutrality standards, minimizing ecological impact.

iris360 and the Intelligent Tourist's Journey

Each module of iris360 is designed to address specific aspects of intelligent city management, offering advanced solutions tailored to the needs of public administration and tourist destinations.


Planning and Arrival

Mobility and Transport

Before arriving, tourists can plan their trip using real-time data provided by iris360. This includes information on traffic, public transport, and mobility options.


Upon arrival, visitors benefit from an intelligent parking system that allows them to find and reserve parking spaces easily.


City Status

Public Space Saturation:

While exploring, tourists can avoid congested areas thanks to real-time data on public space saturation.

Environmental Parameter Measurement:

Air quality and noise are constantly monitored, ensuring a pleasant experience as they move around the city.


Enjoy Services and Attractions

Green Zone Management

Tourists enjoy well-maintained parks and green areas, with sustainable management of natural resources.

DTI Performance Dashboard for Businesses

Tour operators and local businesses use data to improve their services, based on tourist influx and preferences.


Participation and Feedback

Data Exploitation, Forecasting, and Simulation

Tourists can actively participate by providing feedback, which is used to improve the tourist experience continuously.

Participation in Circular Tourism

Tourists' participation in the city's circular economy is encouraged, improving sustainability and the local experience.


Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Analytics & Intelligence

Data collected during tourists' stay are analyzed to gain valuable insights, allowing the city to adapt and improve its tourist services continuously.

Digital Twin Models

Used to simulate and plan future improvements and developments in the city, ensuring an ever-evolving and tailored tourist experience.

Transform Your City into a Model of Innovation

Imagine a city where every decision is based on precise data and sustainability is a reality, not just a goal. With iris360, this future is possible.

Our success stories worldwide show how cities and tourist destinations have evolved into more intelligent, efficient, and habitable environments. You can also be part of this revolution.

Data Governance:

Ensure the integrity and privacy of your data with our platform, complying with EU regulations.

Resource Optimization:

Maximize resource efficiency in your city with our comprehensive solution.

Alignment with EU Regulations

Comply with European regulations and position your city as a leader in innovation and sustainability.

The impact of IoT on Spanish municipalities

From mobility and transport management to environmental parameter measurement, each iris360 module is designed with your city's specific needs in mind.

The mobility and transportation module in Libelium's Smart Parking solution uses sensors to detect parking availability in real-time and communicates with a cloud platform.

This allows drivers to find available spaces through a mobile app and helps local authorities manage traffic and parking more efficiently in a congested beach city.

Tested in the best beach city in the U.S.

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The parking module in Libelium's solution for the hotel in Madrid uses occupancy sensors and a cloud platform to provide customers with real-time information on parking availability.

It also enables advance reservations and improves parking security, providing guests a more convenient and secure experience.

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The public space saturation module in Libelium's solution for digitizing commercial areas uses traffic and noise sensors to measure people density and noise levels in real-time. This data is sent to a cloud platform that enables monitoring and analysis. Alerts are generated when saturation or noise exceeds established thresholds, facilitating management and decision-making to improve the experience in public spaces.

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Libelium uses an environmental parameter measurement module for smart light poles in Cartagena to monitor air quality and noise in real-time. The data is sent to a cloud platform for analysis and dissemination, thus improving the city's air quality management and environmental awareness.

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The green area management measurement module in Libelium's solution for monitoring the health of rivers and green areas uses sensors to measure water quality and environmental conditions. Data is sent to a cloud platform for real-time analysis and alerts, enabling sustainable management of water resources and conservation of green spaces near rivers.

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The data mining, forecasting and simulation module in Libelium's environmental monitoring solution for construction collects and analyzes environmental data in real-time. It provides weather forecasts, performs simulations and issues alerts to ensure a safe and sustainable building environment.

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The performance dashboard module in Libelium's solution for the Balearic Islands as a Smart Tourism Destination collects and displays key real-time tourism data, such as hotel occupancy and air quality. It helps to make informed decisions and optimize tourism management.

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In the ecosystem of a smart tourism destination, access to accurate and up-to-date data is crucial for companies' strategic decision making. This scorecard provides businesses with a unified platform to access relevant, high-quality data on various aspects of the destination, such as visitor trends, consumption patterns, competitor analysis, and environmental parameters. The integration of this data allows companies to:

● Optimize Operations
● Product and Service Innovation
● Data-Driven Decision Making

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