Libelium partners with ALSO’s IoT platform to expand distribution of its solutions

Libelium expands the distribution of its complete solutions with ALSO

By focusing on vertical applications, Libelium has made it its mission to offer complete IoT technology value propositions that help improve competitiveness in these important and ever-growing sectors. In today’s rapidly-evolving technological market, the demand for professional solutions is more challenging than ever.
However, Libelium has risen to this challenge by providing companies with hard data in key areas such as agritech, air and water quality, smart cities, and infrastructure. To achieve this, Libelium has partnered with ALSO’s IoT platform, which offers additional opportunities to these sectors. With the help of ALSO’s AllThingsTalks platform, data is aggregated, visualized, and analyzed to provide companies with valuable insights. Libelium’s strategic shift towards complete IoT technology value propositions has made it a key player in the market, and its dedication to vertical applications has set it apart from the competition.

“Our technology is an ally in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and we have been working with this approach for years in different areas with plenty of success stories that talk about our commitment. With ALSO, we go beyond the challenge” says Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO, and adds: “In Germany as well as Benelux and Scandinavia, digitization can have a big impact in sectors such as agriculture or smart cities and in companies’ sustainable performance. Our IoT solutions provide reliable data, which empowers enterprises to make better-informed decisions that promote competitiveness and support the development of more livable cities”.

“We appreciate the concern Libelium has for people and for the sustainability of both the planet and companies. Its solutions achieve a combination of two apparently conflicting currents: the well-being of people and the competitiveness of companies to build a more promising future together. Libelium’s technology offers reliable information for sound and secure decision-making” says Stefaan Top, Director of IoT Solutions at ALSO.

Libelium and ALSO’s partnership results in a powerful combination of IoT technology and data analysis that is transforming key sectors to be competitive in the new economy. By providing hard data and valuable insights, companies are able to make informed decisions and improve their competitiveness in these important times.