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We focus on strategic change by offering technological value propositions specialized in vertical applications and tailored IoT projects to improve the competitiveness of industries, companies & smart cities.

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18 years of experience in IoT

We have more than 18 years of experience and more than 80 first-level technological workers.

Make intelligent decisions based on data

We help companies and governments to achieve a more efficient, sustainable and, above all, datocratized society.

Hardware developers

We design the IoT for you! | Check out all our products: Libelium One, Smart Parking, Smart Spot…

IoT Solutions Provider

We design and manufacture hardware and software to offer IoT solutions applied to its three verticals: smart cities & infrastructure, agriculture and sustainability to build a more sustainable and datocratized society.

The Libelium group is a gold member of the FIWARE Foundation, part of OMA LwM2M, ETSI NGSI-LD real-time communication protocols, and is vice-president of the IEEE ComSoc within the IoT sector and chair of IEEE Data Quality.

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities
IoT Solutions for Infrastructures

Libelium World

Dive into our IoT Blog. The mission of the people behind Libelium is to help companies, cities and citizens achieve a more competitive, sustainable and datacratized society. Don’t miss any update, this is your blog.

Success Stories

Thanks to envair360, Libelium's artificial intelligence...
Enhancing Energy Transport Efficiency by Up to 30%...
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Libelium is present throughout the entire value chain of AI and Data Spaces in the European Union
Libelium stands as a key ally in digital transformation and the fight against climate change within the ambitious projects led by the European Union. With a role that spans the entire value chain of t...
Interoperability in IoT: Speaking the Same Language
Interoperability in the Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability of different devices, systems, and platforms to work together within the same ecosystem. In an ideal world, this should be easy, but we ...
How are Digital Twins shaping the future?
Digital Twins have become a cornerstone of innovation, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

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Libelium Ecosystem

Society (companies and cities) needs to be more competitive, safe and sustainable. And this can only be done with reliable data.

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Libelium has obtained outstanding certifications for its commitment to quality, environmental care, and occupational health and safety. These demonstrate that Libelium complies with the highest standards in all its processes and guarantees the best service to its customers.