New Libelium Cloud

Libelium Cloud is the new software platform that allows the management of an IoT project from the beginning to the end.

New IoT Solution for
Waste Management

The Waste Management IoT solution enables cities and industries to manage their waste in an efficient way, reducing the environmental footprint and improving the quality of the service.


Rely on Libelium for your IoT Project:


Air Quality Station

The new Air Quality Station developed by Libelium allows the monitorization of the Air Quality Index to control pollution at cities and industries.


NEW Smart Tracking


Get your assets under your control again

The tracking of goods and production assets through technology solutions based on IoT provides great results in cost savings and lower losses for companies.


IoT Solutions

IoT transforms data to productivity in any scenario. Discover now all IoT Solutions and future applications that we can offer to your company.

IoT Products

Discover all our devices based on IoT technology and connect them to the cloud. Find out more about the power of the Internet of Things.

Libelium World

Blog about IoT technology. News, successful stories, events, latest articles. If you want to be updated with all the news related to Libelium on the IoT sector, this is your blog.

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Libelium Ecosystem

Libelium is powering the IoT Revolution joining efforts with an important network of partners to ensure the maximum interoperability with our worldwide certified IoT sensor hardware platform. Join us at any point of the IoT value chain: as a hardware partner, connectivity provider, cloud partner, solution partner, trusted system integrator, or distributor.

More about our Ecosystem

120 Countries

+100 Partners

30 Distributors

Libelium ecosystem