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Envair360 helps sustainable urban design with Artificial Intelligence models. With envair360 we work the whole data cycle and unify any source to translate it and make decision making easy.

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Simulation of the environmental and mobility status of the territory and prediction of the impact of mobility restrictions

Detection of affected areas in order to establish Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

Checking compliance with environmental regulations according to different norms

Creating Cleaner Cities with envair360

Transform your city into a sustainability model. Improve air quality and encourage sustainable mobility for a greener future.

Tech for cleaner urban air

Contribute to environmental sustainability and comply with local and global sustainability regulations and strategies


Urban centers have large networks of environmental sensors. However, less than 15% of this data is used in environmental and urban health planning.


Ports can contribute up to 40% of PM2.5 particulate matter emissions and 70% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions in nearby urban areas.


Vehicle emissions on highways contribute up to 30% of total nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 25% of total PM2.5 in urban areas.

How does it work?


envair360 uses an extensive network of environmental sensors to collect real-time data on mobility, traffic cameras, air quality, and noise devices. This data collection is the critical first step in understanding current environmental conditions and how they vary over time and across locations.


With the data collected, envair360 creates traffic models and trains dispersion models to simulate how pollutants move through the air. This allows city and port managers to better understand pollution sources and how they affect air quality and noise in specific areas.


Based on these models, envair360 develops simulations that predict the impact of different environmental management strategies. This includes changes in urban infrastructure, traffic policies and other interventions that can improve air quality and reduce noise.


Implement simulated scenarios based on constraints according to different regulations.


envair360 not only provides a tool for monitoring and simulation, but also offers ongoing follow-up to verify the validity of the actions taken. This ensures that the measures implemented are having the desired effect and allows for adjustments based on real evidence.


Libelium's envair360 solution

envair360 is a software that integrates large amounts of air quality, ambient and noise data, and implements them with different algorithmic models such as Munich, Street Canyon, CHIMERE or WRF that allow a hyperlocal knowledge of air quality, with a granularity of up to 100 meters.

In this way, it is possible to anticipate emissions and provide early responses to reduce them.

Select simulation area on envair360

Choose the geographical area, marking one or more areas of the territory on the heat map, and select the restrictions to be implemented to assess their impact.

You can apply up to 10 types of mobility restrictions based on the ZBE regulation.

Visualizes air quality in real time using heat maps

Thanks to envair360 you can visualize all pollution-related data from your territory on a heat map by street.

Compare the evolution of pollutants after simulation

Simulate different restrictions, compare them and see which one is more effective in the territory.  

Use Cases

We provide a robust tool for data-driven decision making and AI in the field of city, port and highway sustainability.

Cities (LEZ)

Urban Low Emission Zones seeking to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution through the implementation of sustainability strategies and compliance with environmental regulations.

Ports (4.0)

Ports that strive to comply with the State Ports Sustainability Strategy and seek to implement innovative solutions for air and noise pollution monitoring and management, leveraging the Ports 4.0 Funds.


Measurement and control of the impact of highways on adjacent areas such as protected green areas, cities or residential areas, urban tunnels.

envair360 is ideal for urban and port managers committed to technological innovation to address environmental challenges, improve the quality of life in their communities, and move towards a more sustainable future.

Libelium Calibration Lab

Acreditación ENAC

Libelium Lab is a Calibration Laboratory accredited by ENAC, with accreditation No 285/LC10.250 according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025.


ISO 17025

We operate competently and generate valid results.

IEEE P2510

High quality of data sensor parameters in the IoT environment.

CEN/TS 17660

Performance evaluation of air quality sensor systems.

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