Smart Tourism

IoT Solutions

Smart Tourism

Digitization and Internet of Things based solutions (IoT) can be the basis for the reactivation of the productive activity of companies in the tourism sector without losing sight of competitiveness.

Smart Tourism

IoT Solution for Tourism

IoT technology offers a wide range of solutions for tourist destinations and establishments with the objective to attract new visitors, build customer loyalty based on the confidence offer and, of course, increase the value proposition to obtain new incomes.


Applications of IoT Technology for Tourism

Air quality and pollution detection

Weather conditions prediction and UV radiation measuring

Indoor occupancy control

Smartphone and bluetooth detection to monitor capacity control

Crowd and traffic tracking

Optimization of parking spaces in urban and private areas

Fire prevention

Monitoring temperature, humidity, CO and CO2 levels.

Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring in beaches, pools and spas.

Benefits of IoT technology for Tourism

IoT technology helps tourism destinations and facilities to operate with confidence while preventing and limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.

Adapt your business to new procedures according to post-Covid health and safety protocols.

  • No booking = no business. Give confidence to employees and tourists.
  • Invest in prevention measures to attract customers.
  • Reactivate your hotel and any other facility with IoT even improving competitiveness.
Smart Tourism Products

Tourism companies need to invest in technology as a reward for customers. The customer thinks differently, the context has changed and different experiences are sought.

The more information provided by reservation portals and hotel chains offering objective data from their IOT devices directly on the Internet, the more they will encourage reservations when choosing a destination.

Smart Tourism Products


Measure the temperature of your customers.

Control the capacity of your establishment.

Measure social distancing in open spaces.


Make the most of available parking spaces indoor and outdoor.

Monitor the air quality at any space, either outdoor or indoor, and give tourists the confidence that they will be breathing unpolluted air.

Predict risks to prevent fires measuring a combination of environmental parameters.

Provide real-time weather data and forecasts to improve the user experience for planning outdoor activities.

Install 24-hour real time water measurement devices for cost saving

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