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Success Stories

A more efficient Low Emission Zone in Cartagena with envair360
Thanks to envair360, Libelium's artificial intelligence platform for designing and managing low emission zones, Cartagena now utilizes sophisticated algorithmic models to track air pollutant dispersio...
Enhancing Energy Transport Efficiency by Up to 30% with IoT and Digital Twins
In an ambitious collaboration, Telefónica, Redeia and Libelium embarked on a journey to revolutionize European energy efficiency transport.
An enterprise synergy for a Digital Twin with Libelium Smart Parking
TYPSA, Urbim, and Libelium are aware of the importance of these alliances and have joined their innovation capacity in an alliance to drive innovation in digital twins and smart technology to offer co...

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Corporate News

Libelium is present throughout the entire value chain of AI and Data Spaces in the European Union
Libelium stands as a key ally in digital transformation and the fight against climate change within the ambitious projects led by the European Union. With a role that spans the entire value chain of t...
Interoperability in IoT: Speaking the Same Language
Interoperability in the Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability of different devices, systems, and platforms to work together within the same ecosystem. In an ideal world, this should be easy, but we ...
How are Digital Twins shaping the future?
Digital Twins have become a cornerstone of innovation, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.


Libelium Smart Cities IoT Solution REPORT
More than 500,000 people dead prematurely every year due to poor air quality in Europe. The biggest problem coming from Particulate Matter, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3).
Ease the KPIs measurement automation would help companies address accountability on sustainability
The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing, retail, smart parking, and waste management industries. However, its potential reaches far beyond increasing efficiency within businesses...
Libelium Smart Parking IoT Solution REPORT
The hype of the smart cities is unstoppable and everybody discusses about how the technology will improve our daily life. As pioneer in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities market, Libelium offers ...
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Digital Twins have become a cornerstone of innovation,...

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