Smart Parking

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Smart Parking

The IoT technology enables the detection of parking spots availability indoor and outdoor.

Smart Parking

The challenge

Driving around looking for an available parking spot:

  • Wastes fuel
  • Increases pollution
  • Produces traffic-jams
  • Causes anxiety

By 2050 66% of world population live in urban areas. It requires new mobility plans of metropolises.


IoT Solution for Parking

Smart Parking solution can reduce

  • Traffic volume: -8%
  • Gas emissions: -40%
  • Km. travelled: -30%
  • Time spent: -43%

Looking for a parking spot

  • Ten minutes searching for car parking several times
    daily means more than 240 hours per year, and an
    average of 700 complete days in your life.

Applications of IoT technology for Parking

There are large numbers of vehicles that need to be positioned appropriately to avoid congestion. In such situations, a Parking Guided System provides drivers with directions and accuracy in terms of parking their vehicles.

Urban spaces

Shopping malls



Sports centers


Benefits of IoT technology for Parking

In urban areas:

Direct benefits

  • Optimization of parking spaces
  • Special permits: loading and unloading, cabs, etc.
  • Monitoring of parking spaces for people with disabilities
  • Zones for emergency vehicles
  • Electric vehicle recharging points

Indirect benefits:

  • Reduces parking violations
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Reduces gas emissions
  • Increases parking revenues by up to 35%
  • Improves reputation of being a greener city/facility
  • Improves urban mobility and city planning

Private areas: malls, hotels, thematic parks…

Direct benefits

  • Optimization of parking spaces
  • Special permits: loading and unloading, cabs, etc.
  • Monitoring of parking spaces for people with disabilities
  • Electric vehicle recharging points
  • Increase in revenues

Indirect benefits:

  • Dynamic pricing strategies based on occupancy
  • Open uses to new customers: parking spaces for car sharing vehicles.
  • Improving customer experience
  • Optimizing human resources to consumer habits

Smart Parking Products

Libelium has integrated radar technology in detecting the availability of parking spaces aiming to meet the growing demand for greater precision of smart parking devices.

The new smart parking node improves detection and stability performance thanks to a radar sensor that allows precise detection (99%) of vehicles parked over the device.

Smart Parking Products


Radar detection system

Radar technology offers improved performance compared to magnetic or infrared detection devices.

They are not vulnerable to magnetic interference and do not give false positives for vehicles parked in double rows.

Better stability

The performance is more consistent in any condition of luminosity, more stable in case of long-stay parking, and is not affected by the proximity of traffic movements such as buses or heavy trucks.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance is much easier as the devices are not affected by dirt, dust, rain or oil spills.

Triple installation option:

  • On surface
  • Semi-underground
  • Underground

Wireless communication protocol

When the device notices a change in the parking lot status, it sends the data to the cloud through the LoRaWAN network.

  • Available for Europe, US, Latam, Australia and Asia Pacific.
  • Nodes provisioning in the LoRaWAN network server at any one time including default time settings and unique LoRaWAN identifiers and keys.
  • Configuration via Smart Devices App (Java desktop application).

Smart Parking Device

Radar Parking Sensor

Smart Parking Sensor Technolgy is a radar sensor device that allows the detection of parking availability indoors and outdoors.

View Parking Device

Parking Technical Guide

Main Features:

  • Best accuracy in the market
  • Improved detection with radar and magnetic technology combination.
  • Better performance and stability
  • IP68 and IK10 protection and fully certified (CE and FCC).
  • Three ways of installation (on surface, buried, semi-buried).
  • Almost zero maintenance needed.
  • Over the air set up.
  • LoRaWAN communication protocol.

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