» Waspmote Plug & Sense Quick Overview

“What's Waspmote Plug & Sense!? How is it different than Waspmote?”. Plug & Sense! is Libelium's Waspmote transformed into a ready-to-install, outdoors-reliable device. This document explains Waspmote Plug & Sense!'s key features and benefits. You'll also find information on available models and connectable sensors.

» Waspmote Plug & Sense! – Sensors Guide

In this guide the different models of the Plug&Sense! Line are related, including a brief description of the features of each of them and details of all the sensor probes that can be connected to them and the sensors included in the Waspmote PRO board itself.

» Smart Parking Technical Guide

This guide describe the new version of Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Parking, the solution for Smart Cities that allows citizens to detect available parking spots. Includes information about the hardware, the connectivity and the installation and the configuration process.