Our solid corporate culture is based on our values. The team is the basis of our activity and our working style.

The employer branding policy encourages pride of belonging through talent management, from recruitment to career planning in order to grow with the organization.


We are passionate about technology. We strongly believe in IoT as a tool to provide data to help in decision-making to build more sustainable and democratic cities, as well as more competitive and human-centered companies.


To be leaders in the sector, we work hard to design more accurate and reliable products, creating synergies with the best professionals in every field and always keeping in mind environmentally friendly production.


Our technology is designed by people for people committed to developing reliable solutions that improve our society and face the next global challenges.

Why is it worth working at Libelium?

What makes us different:

Our team is participating in the transformation of the world into the new digital era.
The biggest change is happening now and we are making it happen.

Are you going to miss it?

Work with us

Family Responsible Company

Libelium is certified as a Family Responsible Company with the EFR quality seal:

  1. We firmly believe that the well-being of employees is linked to their best performance.

  2. We are committed to having a balanced style of direction, leadership and management in all areas and with a focus on the person.

  3. In order to obtain the EFR Libelium certification, we have implemented the EFR 1000-2 standard, which covers all the staff and includes different actions aimed at:

Quality employment

Measures related to the design of the workplace and working conditions.


Actions aimed at adapting work to the personal life of each worker.

Family support

Actions to promote relationships between employees and their families.

Professional and personal development

Measures to promote long term professional development compatible with private life, respecting and encouraging personal self-fulfilment.

Equal Opportunities

Promoting diversity, equal opportunities in access and internal promotion.


 With absolute conscience of the model from the management.

A team made of talent: encouraging internal promotion

  • Our team grows within Libelium
  • We promote internal talent by encouraging
long-term careers
  • Work on exciting projects and utilise the latest technologies to drive innovation.
  • Join a diverse team where collaboration and inclusion are at the core of our values

Our teaming actions

Get an insider’s look at the daily lives of our employees, their unique stories, and the innovative projects they are passionate about.

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