New Smart Parking

  • Radar technology
  • Improved dectection accuracy
  • Send data to the cloud via LoRaWAN
  • Over-the-air setup
  • CE, FCC and IP68 certified

Dual Detection System

Libelium Smart Parking benefits from 2 different detection systems: Radar and Magnetic.

Greater precision, improved detection and stability performance: 99% accuracy.

  Radar Infra-red Magnetic
Reliability against nearby vehicle movement
Reliability against nearby parked vehicles
Reliability against electromagnetic interferences
Reliability in any lighting scenario
Stability during long-duration vehicle stays
Do not need an aperture in enclosure
Immunity against dirt or dust on enclosure
Smart Parking save time

Wireless communication protocol: LoRaWAN

Available for Europe, US, Latam, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Nodes provisioning in the LoRaWAN network server at any one time including default time settings and unique LoRaWAN identifyers and keys.

Configuration via Smart Devices App (Java desktop application).

Simplyfied Diagram

Two possible scenarios:

  • Libelium Cloud Service to forward data to third party cloud platforms

  • Customer Server to parse data on your own server

SMART PARKING solution can

Smart Parking Reduce

Are you interested in developing Smart Parking projects?

Triple Installation Deployment

The enclosure is versatile because it allows 3 types of installation:

  On-surface Semi-underground Underground
Type of enclosure Vaulted Vaulted Flat
Presence of node over the ground Full node(40.25 mm) Part of (~6 mm) None (0 cm)
Rain inmunity Partial
Puddle inmunity Detection may fail if puddle appears
Vandalism/Robbery inmunity Medium High High
Snowplow inmunity No Possible
Installation process Fast and easy Special tools needed Special tools needed
Tools needed Normal drill Industrial, big crown drill. Epoxy Industrial, big crown drill. Epoxy
Can be dismantled for maintenance?




Robust waterproof IP68 enclosure

The device is protected inside a small and extremely tough enclosure.

It is IP68 rated, which means it remains waterproof even submerged in water. Each node is provided with professional screws and anchors, resistant to tampering and vandalism.

Easily reset by passing the magnet over the node. Wide range of temperature: -20ºC to 65ºC.

0-minute provisioning process

The user just needs to setup some basic parameters because it comes already programmed from factory.

Nodes come pre-configured and securized with individual keys. The user doesn't need to open the nodes: 0 configuration required. Final configuration of the nodes can be done on the Remote Configuration Form in bulk.

For advanced radio settings, the user can always use the Smart Devices App: full configuration in under 1 minute.

Remote Setup from the Cloud

After the nodes have been installed, the user remains in control thanks to the Remote Setup system: the user can reconfigure all the parameters easily from the Cloud.

Over-the-air set up via "remote configuration form".

To easily update settings of each node such as sleep time, keep-alive time, night-mode...

Remotely update via LoRaWAN downlink radio packets

Battery Life

Libelium Smart Parking was created to last. Apart from the robust enclosure, the electronic design focus on being low-power and the battery has a huge capacity of 10,400 mA·h.

Besides, the Night Mode saves energy during hours of low rotation.

All this can lead to 10+ years of uninterrupted operation.*

(*) Battery Life depends on parameters such as the number of packets sent per day, the distance from the nodes to the Base Station, etc.


The device is fully certified according to CE and FCC. This is a real product ready for the main markets. Get here the official Product Compliance Documentation.

Smart Parking Benefits