Controlling Shipping Traffic

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This project was undertaken with the aim to create a tool to control the shipping traffic in small inland harbor and canals in The Netherlands, due to the high density of boats. The system was thought to be able to control the number of boats that sails in an area and to automate the opening and closing system of the bridges.

The project was addressed by the creation of a custom node to be integrated in Libelium platform featuring high accurate proximity sensors and keeping the approach of a low-consumption, price affordable, and communication versatility that Libelium offers.

The Engineering team designed an ad-Hoc sensor board to serve as an interface between the new accurate proximity LIDIAR Lite pulse-light sensor and Waspmote, developing at the same time a new version of Waspmote API and different functional and user-friendly examples.

Aside from the needed tools to integrate the proximity sensor, the new system included the needed software to communicate the data gathered to a Meshlium IoT gateway using XBee 868 radio module.

Once the information arrived at Meshlium, it was processed and parsed into its own database to be synchronized with the Microsoft Azure SQL based Vicrea Cloud Platform.

More information about this project: Shipping traffic in the Netherlands use case

“Libelium helped us in an innovative and professional way to help our project to become a success”

“The solution incorporates cost-effective elements and eco-friendly parts. We use solar panels for our”

Erkan Efek
Business consultant & Architect GIS of Vicrea

Key elements of the integration:

    • XBee 868 radio module
    • Waspmote Pro
    • Ad-Hoc interface board
    • LIDIAR Lite pulse sense accurate proximity sensor