New Wifi module for Waspmote to connect directly to Cloud Servers and iPhone/Android platforms

Libelium announces the launch of the new Wifi module for the Waspmote sensor platform. The new radio module adds an extra layer of intelligence to the nodes allowing them to send the collected data to any web server located in the Cloud. The Wifi sensor nodes will be also capable of sending data to any nearby iPhone or Android device by creating direct links with them.

This Wifi radio extends the possibilities of The Internet of Things to iPhone/Android apps developers as it completes the current connectivity possibilities – already covered by ZigBee, Bluetooth and 3G/GPRS –, allowing for the first time direct communications between the sensors and the smartphones even without an intermediate router.


Libelium’s new Wifi sensors enable system integrators to create easily intelligent monitoring systems for the urban environment. Libelium’s CTO David Gascón says, “Now sensor nodes can connect directly to Cloud servers using a standard protocol such as HTTP”. He adds, ”This is a milestone in order to ensure a quick spread of Internet of Things applications since sensor devices may connect  automatically to the existing Wifi networks deployed in cities or even to  our own home routers making new deployments an easy task”.

These new Wifi sensors are also capable of using the secure version of the standard web protocol -HTTPS- ensuring privacy of the information sent, a major concern when deploying wireless sensor networks in cities. They also can create directly TCP and UDP connections enabling developers design their own communication framework between the sensor nodes and the Cloud servers.

Libelium provides an intuitive and open source programming API and complete  documentation with examples in order to help developers to easily start working with the platform. Demo applications for iPhone and Android are also available for free, in order to test the new Wifi sensors capabilities easily from any Smartphone.


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