Smart Cities

With the exponential urban population growth, cities must accommodate nearly 5 billion people by 2030.
This calls for environmental policies on air quality, mobility and waste management to ensure the well-being and health of citizens.

The challenge is to achieve this while promoting sustainable growth and reducing the economic and demographic impact on the planet.

Smart Cities

Our proposed plan:

Air & Noise Quality Solutions

The IoT technology that allows the monitorization of the AQI to control pollution at cities, towns and industries.


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» The challenge
In a society that is becoming increasingly digitalized, citizens are demanding greater transparency from their governments and better management of public resources.

» Value proposal
• Improves public service management and urban problem solving
• Helps making city governments more transparent and efficient
• Reduces costs, risks and citizens’ health problems

» Cutting-edge technology
Different models with high accuracy sensors from prestigious manufacturers. Real-time information. Interoperability: work with most relevant wireless technologies. Minimal maintenance costs and easy to deploy.

» Applications
• Outdoor & Indoor air quality pollution
• Noise levels
• Social distance and capacity control

Smart Parking

The IoT technology enables the detection of parking spots availability indoor and outdoor.


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» The challenge
Finding parking in urban areas, whether public or private, is an everyday problem. The result is an increase in air and noise pollution, fuel consumption, traffic congestion and stress for citizens.

» Value proposal
• Reduces traffic volume: -8%
• Gas emissions: -40%
• Noise pollution & fuel consumption

» Cutting-edge technology
Improved detection with radar and magnetic technology combination. Wireless communication protocol: LoRaWAN network. IP68 and IK10 protection and fully certified (CE and FCC). ​Low-power ​electronic design. Almost zero maintenance needed.

» Applications
• Private and public parking management
• Retail: shopping malls, sports centers
• Special parking areas: hospitals, loading areas

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Use cases

Smart Cities Products Mobile

Use cases:
Air quality in urban areas with higher pollution. Measurement of PM-10 concentrations down to 0.1g/m3.
Parking management. Management of parking spaces, zones for emergency vehicles, people with disabilities, cab areas.
Waste management. Improvement of collection routes by controlling fill levels.
Noise level monitoring. Monitoring of noise levels in urban and industrial spaces.

Reviews & certifications

CE – Conformité Européenne – Europe
FCC – Federal Communications Commission – USA
IC – Industry Canada – Canada
RCM – Regulatory Compliance Mark – Australia
Anatel – Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações – Brazil
Smart Parking node: Degree of protection (IP): IP68 / IK10

Conscious citizens.


Honest cities.

Smart Cities