Libelium is part of the biggest group to improve the safety and sustainability of electric mobility in Spain

Group photo Future:Fast Forward

Future: Fast Forward, led by the Volkswagen Group, is the largest business group in the history of the automotive sector in Spain, of which Libelium is a part. The goal of this project is to create an ecosystem in Spain for the development and manufacture of electric and grid-connected vehicles and to turn the country into the European Electromobility Hub. The project will have an investment of 10,000 million euros, shared among the 50 companies that composed it.

In the Future: Fast Forward project, Libelium will carry out a project in collaboration with ITAINNOVA with the aim of making the most of connected vehicles to make roads safer and more sustainable. Testbed area will be Motorland, the Aragonese circuit of the Moto GP Grand Prix.

Libelium team at Future: Fast Forward presentation
Libelium team at Future: Fast Forward presentation

This project consists of the design and manufacture of smart devices that will be installed on highways and urban roads and will be capable of receiving data from various sources, such as weather information, state of road conservation, or the presence of obstacles. This information will be sent in real-time to the connected vehicles, allowing drivers to make informed decisions or even suggest changes to the vehicle. All this will be guaranteed under the strictest road safety standards.

The Libelium project in the Future Project: Fast Forward is based on three main technological premises: scalability, flexibility and modularity, and sustainability. The solution must be scalable and have moderate unit costs, flexible and modular to integrate future data sources, and sustainable by applying maximum circularity in the process.
Currently, the project is in its preliminary phase, in which the main use cases are being evaluated. In general, the project will address challenges in three main areas: preventive driving safety, road infrastructure maintenance, and the development of smart and sustainable urban mobility.

For its development, Libelium will receive near of 1 million euros, the 14th highest investment of the group.

Alicia AsĂ­n at Future: Fast Forward

“At Libelium we have been working with sensors that provide us with data for better decision-making for more than 15 years. We are convinced that the Libelium project within this Future: Fast Forward Project will considerably improve the safety of road travel and will contribute to making Spain a European benchmark for connected electric mobility”, said Alicia Asín, CEO and co-founder of Libelium.

Companies of the Future group: Fast Forward
Altech, Asai Industrial, AZTERLAN, Balidea, BeePlanet, Bosch, Brose, CARTO, CELSA Group, CETIM, CIDETEC, CSIC, CERLER Global Electronics, CYP, Delta Vigo, ENSO INNOVATION, Fenie Energía, FORMINSA, GCR Group, Gestamp, Glavista, Gonvarri, Sesé, Simoldes, Iberdrola, Intrustial, ILJIN, Ingedetec, Universidad Zaragoza, isEazy, ISEND, Kapture, Kautenik, Kivnon, Lazpiur, Leartiker, Libelium, Lithium Iberia, Malena Engineering, Mindcaps, Mol-Matric, Motorland Aragón, NTDD, NUTAI, Órbita, Ingeniería, Pomceg Electronics, POWER Innotech, PowerCo, SEAT CODE, SEAT MÓ, SEAT S.A., Silence, Grupo SPR, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze SE, Técnicas Reunidas, TECOI, Valeo, VEGA Chargers, Vicomtech, Volkswagen Navarra, WIP and zylk.

Collaborators of the Future group: Fast Forward
CaixaBank, Eurecat, FICOSA, ITAINNOVA and TelefĂłnica Spain.