Libelium makes it on shortlist as one of top ten European tech scale-ups

Libelium Future Unicorn Award 2023

Libelium has been officially unveiled as one of the top 9 nominees to DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2023, the annual prize recognizing the most promising European technology scale-ups.

The winner will be announced on 8 March at Masters of Digital, DIGITALEUROPE’s annual flagship conference, by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

In Libelium we help companies and cities to leverage the full potential of IoT and AI to achieve a more competitive, sustainable, and datacratized society through the most accurate, robust, secure and environmental-friendly products.

Libelium is taking steps forwards in its corporate strategy

In 2021, started an organic and inorganic growth plan with Axon Partners took a stake in the company. Only one yar after, in 2022 Libelium acquired HOPU, a leading company in the development of Air Quality, Smart Cities, and Infrastructure solutions.

These corporate moves called the attention of AMETIC, the representative Association of the digital industry sector in Spain, and members of DIGITALEUROPE. AMETIC supported Libelium’s candidacy for the Future Unicorn Award 2023. Libelium is, with Red Points, the only Spanish company nominee.

Behind this recognition, there are more than 16 years devoted to facing climate change, improving the use of resources, and building cities more livable and transparent with technology. We are eager to keep working beyond the upcoming global challenges”, says Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, said: “This year’s impressive shortlist of the most brilliant scale-ups represent critical sectors from energy and green tech to cyber security. They clearly reflect Europe’s most burning challenges and the power of European innovators to deliver solutions”.

The Future Unicorn Award celebrates scale-ups from across Europe that have the potential to become the bloc’s future tech giants. Today, approximately 12% of the world’s unicorns are based in Europe. While this is a significant growth compared to only 6% in 2014, it is nowhere near enough. DIGITALEUROPE has set a goal for Europe to become home to at least 25% of the world’s unicorns by 2025 among its success indicators for digital leadership.