Libelium under the radar as top of the Smart Water and Smart Agriculture markets

More than 15 years of good expertise in the IoT field place Libelium in the top of the radar of some analyst consultants on smart cities, parking, agriculture and water IoT solutions market.

Frost&Sullivan, the strategy and operations consulting, has published the “Global Smart Online Water Sensor Solution Market, 2020” report, an exclusive list of market leaders in Smart Water sector where Libelium is included.

Smart online water sensors play a critical role in monitoring and optimizing water and wastewater treatment systems and associated transmission networks. As Frost & Sullivan points, customers are now demanding solutions that enable energy, chemical, and water efficiency. The document presents competitive profiles of 20 smart water sensor companies and analyzes their strengths, opportunities, and offers an analysis of their positioning.

Libelium’s Smart Water solutions (Smart Water, Smart Water Ions and Smart Water Xtreme) include top market performance sensors from the most prestigious manufacturers for applications such as potable water monitoring, fish farms management, chemical leakage detection, remote measurement of swimming pools and spas, and seawater pollution.

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On the other hand, the agricultural sector has been considered to be a strong market for IoT, particularly since the advent of LPWA that allows to deploy projects in almost every corner of the world. Some IoT providers are making progress in this sector, though some barriers, such as a fragmented upstream supply chain to the producers, still remain.

Analysis Mason, a global consultancy and research firm specialized in telecoms, media and technology, estimates that the IoT revenue for suppliers in the agricultural sector will exceed USD 6 billion by 2028, and that the majority of this revenue (USD 5.7 billion) will come from applications and hardware solutions. The agricultural sector is therefore an attractive revenue growth opportunity for technology suppliers that can deliver an integrated solution with hardware, applications and connectivity.

Mason’s 2020 radar report include Libelium Smart Agriculture platforms (Smart Agriculture PRO and Smart Agriculture Xtreme) among the companies that are developing routes to market and creating innovative solutions.

Mason has evaluated the strategies of several technology suppliers that have developed IoT solutions for the agricultural sector in recent reports around the role of operators and IoT in agriculture.

Read the report “IoT in agriculture: emerging markets provide important opportunities for operators”.



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