Quick report: IoT technology for retail through smartphone detection system

Quick Report: IoT Technology for Retail

Increasing revenues, reducing costs and optimizing business process are the main benefits that IoT technology provides to retailers.

The annual digital value IoT creates across the global retail sector is worth almost 3 trillion $. Smartphone detection Libelium retail

In fact, IoT tools make it possible to know customers better than ever before. IoT provides information to know what buyers like and tailor offerings accordingly.

Nowadays, data gathered in stores has unlimited potential to help retailers improve operational efficiency, better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences: dynamic pricing, personalized offers and customized products and services.

In particular, smartphone detection technology is very useful to analyze mall traffic both pedestrian and vehicular.

Smartphone detection Libelium

Discover in a new report on how Libelium’s Meshlium Scanner system provides applications related to shopping and street activities:

  • The number of people passing daily in a specific area.
  • Average time of the stance of the people.
  • Walking routes of people in shopping malls and the average time in each area.
  • The number of cars passing daily.
  • Average time of the stance of cars.
  • Routes of people and average time in each area.
  • The average speed of vehicles transiting over a roadway taking the time mark at two different points.

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Download the Libelium Smart Retail report:

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