Sailing Tracker

Sailing Tracker

This project was developed to monitor racing ships during competitions. It was required to measure navigation parameters maintaining the adequate acquisition times and data consistency. It was also important to communicate the collected information not only to a remote localization but also to the crew members using long-range wireless communication.

The new system developed for this project was addressed by the creation of a custom Sailor related node, with the function of a sailor tracker. It was drawn from Libelium Waspmote technology integrating into the platform the components and sensors specifically chosen for a sailing scenario.

Libelium Engineering team designed a new ad-Hoc sensor board with its own CPU able to handle, collect and process the data from a GPS module and from a specific designed Inertial Measurement Unit that monitored the speed and inclination of the boat. The information collected could also be stored and communicated to the main CPU when it was required.

Besides communicating and collecting data from the ad-Hoc sensor board, the node was able to manage the BLE module, responsible of synchronizing the data locally with the crew members of the boat, as well as handling the Ethernet interface used for sending the data to a remote location (base station) using a bullet antenna.

“The integration of Libelium platform in this project has allowed us to put an innovative product into the sailing market with many demanding customers and has put our company in a leading position”

Key elements of the integration:

  • MPU-9150 IMU
  • JN3 Jupiter GPS module
  • Bullet antenna
  • Ethernet module
  • Ad-Hoc sailing sensor board
  • Power supply ad-Hoc board
  • Waspmote PRO