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Libelium’s Smart Tracking solution allows Querqus to know when one of their trucks enters and leaves the customers and suppliers facilities

The world of logistics has more characteristics than carrying a shipment from point A to point B. For example, what to do with the pallets on which the merchandise was carried once it has been unloaded at the destination point.

Time is of the essence

Querqus is a company dedicated to the purchase, storage, construction, and repair of pallets. Its main business is pallet management. They have thousands of pallets that are used by their clients to carry merchandise. Once that merchandise reaches its destination, the truck picks up the pallets to take them to their Querqus warehouse, keep them and, if necessary, repair them to extend their use.

Querqus facilities

» What has been the challenge of this Smart Tracking Project?

Instantly know when one of the trucks has been waiting for more than half an hour at the facilities of a client or supplier.

» Which Libelium solution works in this project:

Libelium Smart Tracking solution (trackers and customized software platform).

Success story smart tracking

The main requirement for the implementation of a Smart Tracking solution was to know how long their trucks have to wait at the customer or supplier facilities. Querqus used to work with a tracking solution that provided a lot of data about their trucks, but that data was not very useful for them. “We needed to know a specific input about our business that we were blind to until now: how many hours our trucks wait at customer and supplier facilities.

If you can see a truck is on hold too long, it will be a waste of money. Having this data will allow us to establish price negotiation strategies with our clients and suppliers, and obtain a better income statement”, says Pablo Diago, Querqus Production Manager.

Libelium Smart Tracking solution

Libelium Smart Tracking Solution

The company installed Libelium’s Smart Tracking solution on its truck fleet. This solution is very versatile for monitoring any sector (construction, logistics platforms, pharma transport, livestock, waste management…). The devices obtain highly accurate positions as they use both GPS and GLONASS systems simultaneously for greater precision and faster solutions.

The configuration designed by Libelium engineers for the truck tracking solution allows Querqus to know, at all times, how long their trucks are at the facilities of customers and suppliers. The team receives email notifications when a truck stays more than half and hour in client’s facilities, so they can call them immediately to expedite the loading.

Smart tracking geofencing

This solution is based on geofencing that establishes virtual borders based on the real world. A geofencing can be generated dynamically (a radius around a specific point), or set by limits (such as school zones or neighborhood boundaries). Libelium’s software solution maps facility addresses and establishes a perimeter around them.

When one of the trucks enters that perimeter area, the smart tracking device sends a 2G signal that is received by the software. The clock starts to count. When the truck finally leaves the customer’s installation, the device emits another signal to stop the counter. Thus, the actual data of the truck’s stay in the facility is available.

smart truck tracking with Libelium

Ultra customizable tracking platform

The truck tracking platform is ultra customizable and easy to use to extract the necessary data.
The device is small, handy, and price sensitive. Plus, it allows multiple installation options to covertly secure devices to trailers with screws, bolts, cable ties, and so on. The material with which the box is made means it is a robust, waterproof, and resistant device. Shock, rain, and other inclement weather will not affect the performance of the tracking solution.

In this case, the tracking was done with 2G cellular connectivity, but it can also be done with 4G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, and Bluetooth.
The high customization of the Libelium Smart Tracking solution makes it an ideal co-pilot for any logistics company that wants to track its assets.


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