Smart City project in Castellón: a platform to control water usage and waste management

Castellón Smart City is a pilot project installed at the neighborhood of Pau Gumbau in Castellón de la Plana (Spain). The deployment takes place over an area that covers 222,000 square meters were near 8,000 citizens live and work on their daily basis together with gardens, parks, schools and private & public buildings.


Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

IoTsense, a company owned by Grupo Gimeno Holding, decided starting this project based in Libelium technology to show municipality and private companies the Smart City Platform working in real time. “There is no better way to show the potential of the sensor network platform than live, with real time data”, explains Ignacio Llopis, Head of Business Development.

Water, waste management and weather sensors

Castellón Smart City project integrates 25 different kinds of sensors to measure and control data from different sources in order to obtain organized data from a global perspective. Some of the most relevant sensors are “Watchmeter” IoTsens –Data Logger, Limnimeter, Waste level sensor, Meteorological station, soil moisture sensor or luminosity sensor. All of them are connected to Libelium’s Waspmote OEM platform which is focused on the implementation of low consumption modes.

Waspmote OEM platform and Gases Board integrated in IOTSense platform

Waspmote OEM platform and Gases Board integrated in IOTSense platform

Sensors like “Watchmeter” Data Logger or Limnimeter allow a detailed water management. “Watchmeter” Data Logger records data by instruments and sensors that allow final user to discriminate between water users consumption using “flow patterns”, this way user may know how much water is using for different activities. Limnimeters allow remote control of facilities collecting data from water pipers like water height, flow, percentage fill, spill alarms or temperature. It indicates the exact evolution of the water level collecting information automatically and detecting flood risks. The Libelium Smart Water platform allows to measure these and other parameters such as pH, ORP, Disolved Oxygen and many other water ions and chemicals such as Fluoride, Calcium, Nitrate, Chloride, etc.

Other examples of integrated sensors are waste level sensors or meteorological stations. The first one allows managing the waste truck route by an ultrasound sensor capable of collects real time data about filled percentage, temperature and vibration of the bin. The second one, the meteorological station, allows real time control of weather parameters like wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and precipitation rate. In this way the data of every sensor can be stored for further studies and decision making.

IOTSens installation diagram of functioning

IOTSens installation diagram of functioning

Engineering team at IoTsens selected Libelium’s wide range of sensors for this project because of the quick & easy to install and deploy and for the versatility of its components. “We could aggregate different kind of sensors and devices on the same gadget”, states Llopis referring to Waspmote OESM platform.

The Smart City project was developed to be scalable and adaptable with interoperability to different scenarios. It had to be secure, bidirectional, easy third-party integration and most specially affordable platform for any kind of Smart City project. “Other solutions were not reusable, did not create synergies between IoT verticals, were not scalable, heterogeneous and had no integrated vision”, clears Llopis.

Libelium technology has enhanced IoTsens hardware & software developments to be a platform were customers can attach every single new IoT Solution development:

IOTSens Data Logger

  • Waste Management sensor is a device developed by IoTsens with Libelium hardware. It is an ultrasound sensor attached to a Waspmote board capable of collecting real time data about filled percentage, temperature and vibration of the bin in order to optimize waste management.
  • Another product developed with Libelium technology is the Air Quality sensor able to analyze and monitor the characteristics of the air. It measures the content of a wide range of parameters like temperature, humidity, dust, CO, CO2, O3, NO2, CH4 or H2S, in order to provide detailed information about pollutants.

Waste Management sensor

Waste Management sensor

Global and horizontal Smart Cities solution

Smart City projects are normally medium-high size budgets were the customer needs to spend a big amount of money and pay it in advance and most of times they don’t have the chance to try the software, hardware and communications working together under the same cloud platform. The added value for this project is to give the chance to use the platform before paying for it.

IoTsens joined with Libelium Waspmote platform provides an horizontal Smart Cities solution allowing the collection, integration storage and information analysis about the city in a global perspective with the development of a versatile and complete product. IoTsense platform aim is to build a model of intelligent, innovative and open city to provide citizens with quality services to promote the economy of knowledge and to improve life quality of citizens and employees.

IoTsens is Certified Libelium Cloud Partner so all future or existing Libelium customers of Waspmote and Meshlium can connect automatically to IoTsens Smart City Cloud Platform. In the near-term IoTsense will implement new communication technologies like Sigfox and LoRaWAN for Smart Cities. They are also integrating new sensors and devices to different application sectors.

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