We’ve launched the positive technology project to highlight technology in a positive light. This new project explores how it can improve our lives and put the focus on the people behind the technology.

Uncertainty and volatility sometimes lead to a rejection of technology “in general” without stopping to think that not all technology companies are there to extract user data, monitor citizens or sell them things they don’t need. As a leading technology and IoT (Internet of Things) company, we have always believed in the transformative power of technology. But we also recognise that technology is not inherently good or bad, but its impact depends on how it is used.

We spoke to leaders and experts in the technology and IoT sector, such as Rob van Kranenburg or Dimitris Bountolos, about what technology means to them and how they believe it can be used to create a better, more connected world for all of us.

What is positive technology?

Positive Technology refers to the technology used to solve problems and improve the quality of people’s lives. It can be in any area, from health and wellness to sustainability and environmental protection.

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Positive technology focuses on finding practical solutions to everyday challenges and positively impacting society.

How does it benefit us?

Positive technology has the potential to transform our lives in many ways. In the positive technology project, we have dived deep into this topic and learned the many areas in which it can b helpful. Here are a few examples:

It helps us improve our health and well-being

Positive technology is pivotal in monitoring and promoting overall well-being, offering valuable tools to prevent diseases and lead healthier lifestyles. One notable example is physical activity tracking devices and health apps, which empower individuals to manage their fitness and chronic conditions proactively. Physical activity tracking devices, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, have become popular companions for individuals striving to stay fit.

These devices utilise built-in sensors to monitor metrics like step count, heart rate, and burned calories, providing real-time feedback on our daily activity levels. By closely monitoring our physical exertion, we can set goals, track progress, and make informed decisions about our exercise routines. This encourages regular physical activity and promotes a sense of achievement, motivation, and accountability.

In parallel, health apps have emerged as powerful tools for managing chronic conditions and promoting general well-being. These apps leverage mobile technology to deliver personalised health solutions, allowing users to track symptoms, monitor vital signs, and adhere to treatment plans.

positive technology benefits health

Sustainability and environmental protection

Positive technology can help us reduce our Carbon Footprint and protect the environment innovatively. One remarkable example is the utilisation of IoT technology, which enables us to monitor and effectively curb energy and water consumption not only in buildings and homes but across numerous sectors.

By deploying IoT sensors and connected devices, we gain real-time insights into energy usage patterns, allowing us to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. With this information, we can implement targeted strategies to optimise energy consumption, minimise waste, and significantly decrease carbon emissions.

positive technology benefits sustainability

Innovation and creativity

Positive technology serves as a catalyst for inspiring creativity and driving innovation in numerous domains. One fascinating application lies in the realm of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), which has the potential to revolutionise learning experiences by providing immersive and engaging platforms. Through VR/AR, learners can transcend traditional boundaries and embark on interactive journeys that bring abstract concepts to life.

In addition, complex subjects such as history, science, and art can be transformed into captivating virtual environments where students can explore and interact with three-dimensional models, historical simulations, and artistic masterpieces. This hands-on approach ignites curiosity, deepens understanding, and fosters a sense of wonder, making learning an exciting adventure.

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In short, positive technology is the technology that focuses on solving problems and improving people’s quality of life.

At Libelium, we are committed to the responsible use of technology and believe that positive technology can transform the world; that is why we created the positive technology project. We are excited to continue exploring this topic and working to create technology solutions that positively impact society.

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