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Libelium One

The new game-changing rule.
Interoperability, ease of use and sustainability, all in One solution.

The best device for Water Management in industrial, Agriculture or Smart Cities environments, you can rely on One to manage your golf course, your drinking water system at your city, or to increase your crop yield in an easy way.

  • Interoperable
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable
Libelium One

Technology that makes
the difference:

Lack of standardization in the IoT Business affects all their areas: connectivity, interoperability, usability, power, language and security. This is the most important problem for IoT to become a market standard. IoT technology is an ally of people in their quest for the highest possible quality of life. And it always helps in the most efficient, simple and footprint-free way for the well-being of people in cities.

We want to guarantee food security, protect the ecosystems and ensure sustainable use of water. But we can only make the best decisions if we base them on the best data. Libelium has paid attention to these defying challenges to assure agrifood security, protect ecosystems and ensure sustainable water use.

One is the result of in-depth analysis and a careful R&D continuous effort by the Libelium team.


All in One solution

Why All in one?

It brings together 3 features that no other device on the market has had so far: interoperable, easy to use and sustainable.

Looking to develop
an IoT project?

All in One solution

Main Features

Maximum accuracy sensors

Probe autodetection: connecting any probe to any One device

Plug and Play device ready to be installed in the field

Easy installation, no need for qualified technicians

Any integrated sensor can be connected to any socket for maximum configuration flexibility

Suitable for a diverse range of applications

Node firmware remote update (OTAP)

No programming = no code

Ultra-low power consumption

Rechargeable battery using a solar panel

Global 4G connectivity with 3G/2G fallback and also GNSS

Water Management Crystal Clear


With a single device you can manage different applications, from water quality management in cities and industries to precision agriculture for crops, parks and orchards. Data security and maximum accuracy through a global 4G sim.

Easy to use:

No programming skills are required, with a simple configuration you can manage the data in real time from Libelium Cloud.


We are aware of what climate change implies for our planet. That’s why One is designed to be energy efficient, reducing consumption, carbon footprint and visual impact with its compact and minimalist size.

A complete solution:
Hardware + Software

You have never experienced the ease of use of a device like One. From the very first moment you start it up, you will see that it is compatible with a multitude of sensors, connecting in a simple “plug & play” manner.

In addition, our One device automatically sends data to the Libelium cloud, allowing for efficient analysis of data in real-time. Avoid costly integrations by using the future IoT standard. Zero hassle. One solution.

A complete solution: <br>Hardware + Software
The way is crystal clear. Only follow these 4 steps

Identify your One device and access all its connected sensors’ information.

In this section, you can identify the One main node and the sensors you have already connected to it (up to 4) with their references and the serial number.

In this same Info section, you can check the Battery Status. You will receive alerts on battery level and more information about what is happening with the battery of your device.


Find all HW-related information status of your device.

You can see in green light the sensor that is connected to each socket and in red the sockets that are disabled. One of the most interesting facts about this section is that you can manage the sockets from here and to save battery you can choose whether to enable or disable any socket.

To sum up all the parameters you can configure here are:

  • Enable socket X: If a socket is not going to be used, disable it to save power.
  • Enable GNSS: This parameter controls the geolocation feature of the node. If it is not needed, it can be disabled to save battery.

Configure specific settings of your One device.

In this section you can modify the following parameters:

  • Loop Time: Sets the time between sensor readings. It can be set from 5 to 60 minutes.
  • Number of loops to send: Sets the number of loops that will be sent together. This is useful for saving power in applications where immediate readings are meaningless, sending a batch of readings at one time instead of single readings. It can be set from 1 to 10.

Here you will see and manage how often the data is sent to the cloud (loop time):

For instance, x2 would mean that the data is received every 10 mins, so the loop time is 5 mins (i.e. the loop time is multiplied). So, if the loop time is 15 mins, you will see on the dashboard that you receive 4 data every hour.

The higher the time between sending loops, the smaller the battery consumption.


Enjoy real-time information in an easy & understandable dashboard.

This is one of the newest features of our Cloud where you can find the latest data of each sensor.

Here you can find 1 card per parameter showing the last value received and an arrow indicating the trend for a quicker and simpler process allowing you to take action if required.

Fully certified. More than 15 years of experience behind us

At Libelium all our devices have the highest quality certified standards. You can be sure with our products, fully tested in all kinds of extreme situations.

Our quality guarantee has been with us for more than 15 years and we always respond to any kind of problem.

Our One certifications are:

FCC: Federal Communications Commission – USA

IC: Industry Canada – Canada

CE: Conformité Européenne – Europe

UKCA: UK Conformity Assessed

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One solution for many reasons.
Here they are in a nutshell:


● Data integrity: non-hackable sensors.

● Blockchain integration*.

● Probe auto-detection: connecting any probe* to any one device.

● Configurable 4G wireless connectivity.

● Global SIM provided*.

● Maximum accuracy.

Easy to use

● No programming is needed = no code.

● Cloud-based node configuration.

● Plug and Play device ready to be installed in the field.

● Easy installation, no need for qualified technicians.

● Any integrated sensor* can be connected to any socket for maximum configuration flexibility.

● Node firmware remote update (OTAP).



● Architecture designed for ultra low power consumption.

● Minimalist and compact device.

● Rechargeable battery using a solar panel.

● 5 Rs compliant:

>Reduce: consumption, carbon footprint and size.

>Reuse: same sensors for multiple projects

>Repair(able) and refurbish(able)

>Recycle: polycarbonate eco-efficient manufacturing


Additional services

Need a boost? If you still need advice to carry out your project, we make it easy for you: we offer consulting and customization services.

Additional services

Libelium One, an European Project

Project funded by the European Union

The project aims to develop an interoperable and universal IoT gateway, for automatic sensor connection and sending their data to the cloud. The results have been the creation of the One platform as a complete solution for IoT deployments in any vertical, obtaining the required interoperability and universality.

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