Libelium adds to its portfolio Evja’s award-winning smart agriculture solution

Smart Agritech solutions in baby leaves crop

Libelium strengthens its Agrifood area by joining its portfolio OPI, the agritech smart solution by Evja, an Italian precision agriculture software company

The world produces more food than ever, but the amount of land we use is now falling. This forces us to be as efficient and sustainable as possible with the arable land we have. The future of land use rests on the decisions we make today, and these decisions have to be made based on precise data.

What exactly is OPI?

1) OBSERVE: Plant and soil microclimate monitoring with sensors specifically designed for agriculture.

2) PREDICT: Predictive models powered by Artificial Intelligence, that are calibrated automatically based on your field conditions. The alerts system will guide you in order to take action at the right time and with great precision

3) IMPROVE: Design to improve your water management and achieve the perfect nutrition of your plants thanks to real-time monitoring and data analysis. Optimizing the usage of agro-chemicals will lower your environmental footprint, preserving the ecosystem in conventional and organic farming.

OPI collects data from the field and processes it through Artificial Intelligence to define predictive models for risk management in real-time. This allows farmers to know their production in advance, optimize resources, improve the efficiency of agrochemicals, improve the productivity of their crops or choose the optimal time for plant nutrition.

Smart agritech solution OPI by Evja

The real-time measurement of parameters such as soil and leaf humidity, solar radiation or soil conductivity makes it possible to prevent the main disasters faced by professionals, such as pests or droughts, which make it so difficult to ensure a fair and proportionate crop.

OPI, an IoT solution for smart agriculture to maximize the land’s productivity

In order to offer high-level information, the raw data are processed through:

  • Climate algorithms to monitor additional agronomic parameters and notify in case of climate problems.
  • Predictive algorithms provide forecasts on irrigation, fertilizing, and disease, then notify when to irrigate and use fertilizers and pesticides.

OPI artificial inteligence agriculture solutions


The home of OPI’s portal is divided into different sections in which the left menu is the way you can navigate inside the portal. While some features are directly displayed from the home, you can go deeper into each one of them by accessing directly to their section:

  1. Dashboard: an overview of your field situation
  2. Weather situation
  3. A summary of the real situation in your field: Solar radiation,
  4. Water needs
  5. Downy mildew alert
  6. Dew point
  7. Map
  8. Your profile on the platform and its settings
  9. Historic data
  10. Graphics
  11. Notifications

In general, OPI allows you to visualise both the climatic conditions and the needs of your field thanks to the measurements of different parameters collected by the sensors previously installed in the crop. The collected data allows you in order to make decisions that improve the quality of the crop.

Some of the micro and pedo-climatics parameters you will be able to visualise are:

In the Air Section:

– Temperature: displayed in Celsius degrees [°C].

– Relative Humidity: displayed as a percentage [%RH].

– Atmospheric Pressure: displayed in kilo-Pascal [kPa].

– Leaf Wetness: displayed as the percentage of the surface wetness of the leaf [%].

– Total Solar Radiation: displayed in kilo-Lux [klux] or in [W/m2].

– PAR / UV Solar Radiation: displayed as the PPFD

– Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density [μmol·m−2s−1].

– Dew Point: displayed in Celsius degrees [°C].

– VPD: displayed in hectoPascals [hPa].

– Humidity Deficit: displayed as a percentage [%RH].

In the Substrate section:

– Temperature: displayed in Celsius degrees [°C].

– Electroconductivity (EC): displayed in milliSiemens for meters [mS/m].

– Volumetric Water Content (VWC): displayed as a percentage [%].

Evja‘s long experience in a variety of crops and countries has enabled it to fine-tune the OPI solution, making it one of the most powerful on the market. OPI has been awarded the Greentech Americas, the Macfrut Gold Medal, and the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, among others.

With this agreement, Libelium strengthens its Agrifood division and expands its portfolio to provide the most efficient solutions for farmers to maximize the productivity of their crops.