Libelium and Urbim Join Forces to Drive Transformation with IoT and Digital Twins

IoT and Digital Twins

The combination of Libelium’s IoT technology into Urbim’s urban visualisation platform will provide cities and companies with a powerful tool to keep on track of their sustainability plans’ KPIs.

IoT and Digital Twins: a must-have for cities and companies

Urbim is a company specialising in managing 3D data based on BIM models for digital twins modeling. The integration of Libelium’s Smart Parking data into Urbim’s platform offers a valuable tool for urban managers and city planners.

Now, with an accurate visual representation of the city, it is possible to know in real-time the availability of parking spaces through a 3D viewer of their urban environment, optimise space management, and offer more efficient services to citizens.

The data are integrated using Fiware to translate and contextualise the information. By using Fiware as a standard, uncertainty is reduced, and interoperability between both technologies is improved.

A smart sstep towards greener urban environments

Antonio Jara, CSO of Libelium, remarked, “To accelerate the transition to greener and more efficient urban landscapes, collaboration with the best is imperative. Integrating our solutions into Urbim’s platform is the initial step towards undertaking more intricate and ambitious projects.”

María Pascual, Managing Director of Urbim, added, “Our goal is to make digital twins accessible to all users. Connecting with Libelium enables us to transform digital models into digital twins, enriched with real-time data, allowing users to leverage the advancements in AI, data analysis, predictions, alerts, maintenance, VR, and AR. Urbim is poised to generate value around these connections in a user-friendly and agile manner.”

Initial Project in TYPSA with Smart Parking Solution

TYPSA is piloting Libelium smart parking data into Urbim’s platform. TYPSA, a leading company in engineering, architecture and consulting services with more than 55 years of professional life, is constantly growing through innovation. The project is equipping TYPSA with extensive possibilities in asset management, enabling real-time monitoring, control, and reservation of parking spaces, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable management.

This pilot project is a manifestation of TYPSA’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies, with Urbim and Libelium being pivotal partners in this journey. By focusing on the integration of smart parking solutions in this initial project, TYPSA, Urbim, and Libelium are setting the stage for a series of innovations aimed at optimising urban spaces and contributing to the development of smarter, more sustainable cities.

Expanding Digital Twin solutions

This initial data incorporation to Urbim will be followed by more offerings from Libelium, such as air quality measurement, water management, environmental parameters, or noise levels in use cases such as connected cities, construction, tourism, or smart buildings.

The collaboration between Libelium and Urbim is a testament to the transformative power of digital twin and IoT technologies in creating smarter, more efficient environments. The integration of diverse data sets will further expand the scope and applicability of digital twin technology, contributing to the development of connected, sustainable cities, industries and intelligent buildings.