Libelium’s Smart Parking solution: concept and use cases webinar

Fernando Rausell IEN Webinar parking

Fernando Rausell, Business Development Ecosystem at Libelium, talks about Smart Parking Solution at IOTA Evangelist Network Talk.

Webinar: Libelium Smart Parking Technology

In this webinar, Rausell explains how works the Libelium Smart Parking node, recently certified with the IK10 certification thanks to its robust case. The node works with both radar and magnetic technology, which means a 99% accuracy of detection, something crucial if a project is designed to be scalable.

During the webinar, Rausell also shows all the real projects where the Libelium parking solutions are installed, as in Hotel Riu in Madrid or in Huesca for disabled parking lots. To know more about every parking success stories in our Libelium World section.

At the end of the webinar, Rausell answer lots of questions that the attendants to the webinar made in the chat.

More info about Smart Parking: