Yesterday was a day of double celebration with Nieves Asensio Echegoyen, executive coach, in which we learned, reflected and enjoyed among colleagues.

New brand values to unite us

A complete cultural transformation with new brand values, with a team that sets no limits and is more eager than ever to start a new year with enthusiasm for all the projects to come in 2022.

Alicia Asín - Jornada de actividades

Celebrating the launch of Libelium’s new Cloud Platform

A team day after announcing with great enthusiasm the new Libelium Cloud Platform. A project of many months of work and involvement by the entire engineering team 🙌. A single platform to manage IoT projects from start to finish, fully managing all devices, connectivity and data of your projects.

Ready to face new challenges

Innovation, Technology and above all Team – Because now we are more Libelium than ever. We continue to power the #IoTrevolution 💪.

Thank you all for making it possible!