What is Libelium Cloud?

Libelium Cloud is the new software platform that allows the management of an IoT project from the beginning to the end.

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Users can fully manage devices, connectivity and data on a single platform resulting in a great advantage in terms of cost savings for IoT projects.

Subscribers can connect their sensor hardware devices – Plug & Sense!, Smart Parking and more to come – through different connectivities and access all the Cloud functionalities

Plug & Sense devices.
Can send the data to the Cloud through Wifi, 4G, LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Smart Parking devices
Connect to the Cloud via LoRaWAN.

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Air Quality Station
Connect to the Cloud via 4G.

A smart city platform

The Libelium Cloud is a platform compatible with the UNE178104 standard for Integrated Smart City Management Systems, which establishes the interoperability requirements that a smart city platform must-have.

Cloud Functionalities

From the Libelium Cloud you will be able to do all the necessary tasks from your IoT project.

Programming of sensor devices for remote configuration.

Graphical display of data collected by sensors.

Data storage for historical queries (up to 13 months).

Data download in the background

Connection of outgoing data captured by the devices to the main Cloud platforms on the market (Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, Arrow, Cummulocity, Microsoft Azure, Telefónica, Thingworx)

High multi-operability: Availability to send the data from the devices to third party platforms through MQTT and HTTPS

Management of device subscriptions (one subscription per device).

Premium technical support service contracting.

…and much more to come.

Menu Options


Coming soon

  • Visualization of active devices on a map


  • Graphical display of sensor data.
  • Configurable search by data series, range, date, intervals and other parameters.


Devices Libelium Cloud
  • List of devices with the basic data of the last connection established.
  • Devices can be configured remotely from here.
  • Includes log record with potential incidents occurring during the device functioning.


  • Complete database of all existing devices assigned to a user.
  • Allows searches by device serial number, by project, by device name, by sensor and many more.


Libelium Cloud Connectors https
  • List of outbound connectors that the user can choose to send data to one of the main Clouds in the market: Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, Arrow, Cummulocity, Microsoft Azure, Telefónica, Thingworx. And also through MQTT and HTTPS.


Logs Libelium Cloud
  • Compilation of the stored logs enabling searches for errors that have been encountered according to their level of importance


suppor t libelium
  • Information related to the historical data of the technical support services contracted and still available to the user.
  • Enables the user to view the remaining hours of consumption and the private data to facilitate the connection with the telephone service (user and password).
  • Allows the purchase of technical support hour vouchers in real time for immediate access to the service.
Artificial Intelligence Libelium Cloud

AI Services


This section is only available for the new Air Quality Station.

  • Reference Station: This section allows you to define your own Reference Station location and import the corresponding reference data.
  • Golden Node: Define which of your Air Quality Station devices will become a golden node. Also start-date and end-date shall be defined.
  • Model Factory: The Model factory section permits to generate new models, manage them and enable them to the corresponding Air Quality Station devices.

Know more about the main features for the AI functionalities here: Air Quality Station

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