Beyond the Challenge 2024: Libelium Ready for Takeoff

Every year at Libelium, we gather to celebrate our achievements and lay the groundwork for the future.

But this year, our annual meeting was even more special.

In 2023, our Libelium Team grew by 12% in hiring, expanding our presence not only in Spain and Europe but also in Latin America. This significant growth led us to go a step further in our annual meeting, bringing to life #BeyondtheChallenge2024.

During two intense and enriching days, on January 17th and 18th, we had the unique opportunity to meet and see each other in person. This event was a platform for connecting, celebrating, and focusing on what really matters for 2024. In addition, we had the presence of our investors, Axon Partners and Kira Ventures.

The most important innovation can only be achieved with the best team.

An agenda full of innovation

With this goal in mind, we addressed crucial topics for our growth and development:

💡 Innovation: We explored new ideas and ways of working more agilely and transversely.

🎯 Focus Projects: Led by África Arévalo, José Antonio Cabo, and Andrea Gómez, we identified and prioritized key projects for 2024.

📈 Future Vision: We defined the 2024 goal and what the plan is to achieve it.

Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium, shared the 2023 figures with the satisfaction of having met the goal and set the bar for 2024.

Diego Becerrica, CTO, showed us the roadmap, the path to follow to keep Libelium as a technological reference in the world of IoT.

In addition, the R&D+i team, led by Antonio J. Jara, gave short masterclasses, as brief as they were inspiring, on what they are handling in terms of Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, laboratory or digital twins, among others.

The innovation day was rounded off by Javier Siscart, who leads the project framed within Future Fast: Forward, and Javier Solobera, who told us how he will bring all the ideas down to tangible solutions.

Ideas that will be transformed into projects that, thanks to the Talent Program team, formed by Clara Quílez, Luis Julve, David Bordonada, and María Arroyo, we will be able to work on in a dynamic and pulsating manner.

Behind the people who make it possible

Finally, Raquel Pelegrín, CFO of Libelium, with the help of Daniel Sanz, Key Account Manager for KSA, explained the open opportunities in Saudi Arabia, a key market for Libelium in 2024.

It was a luxury to hear them discussing a future that has already become a reality.

To canalise all the ideas that were emerging in our heads, we had a group dynamic carried out by a company specializing in market-oriented solution innovation. Together with them, we participated in an interactive dynamic that provided us with essential tools to design more innovative, and sometime crazy, solutions. We learned effective strategies to face and solve challenges together, further strengthening our team.

The visit to the Libelium warehouse was very stimulating, where Jorge Casanova, Operations Director, put into figures the impressive work they have done to fulfill important orders such as those from Red Eléctrica Española or the John Hopkins Hospital, in Saudi Arabia. There we also distributed the Innovation Libelium Awards for the best ideas born from employees, some of which have been included in the roadmap.

And, of course, it wasn’t all work. We shared a dinner that allowed us to get to know each other better in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This experience not only strengthened our professional bonds but also our personal ones.

Now we have the tank full and are ready to take off towards a successful 2024 🚀