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» Monitoring the largest Gold mine in Thailand

Challenge: Controlling air quality parameters and monitoring real-time weather changes to improve and strengthen the environmental, social and labour commitment of the mine.

Akara Resources is the leading gold producer in Thailand owning the largest and most important gold mine in the country: Chatree. The mine´s air quality will be monitored by Libelium’s Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform in real-time and stored using EnviroSuite’s Air Quality Module. The archived data can be accessed for use in compliance reporting and back tracking for accountability. Read more.

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» Rain forest monitoring for climate change control in Peru

Challenge: monitoring weather and water conditions to know the atmospheric variables which reflect the behavior of nature in the National Park of Manú in Peru.

RFID Radical Solutions offers M2M wireless communications solutions for companies of different areas. The objective of this project is monitoring weather and water conditions in one of the most well-known nature reserves: National Park of Manú in Peru. In order to collect data, Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Environment and Agriculture have been installed in the zone. Read more.

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» Smart City project in Castellón: a platform to control water usage and waste management

Challenge: Showing municipality and private companies the Smart City Platform working in real time obtaining data through Waste Management sensor and Air Quality sensor.

IoTsense, a company which offers an horizontal platform for the development of Smart Cities, decided starting a project in Castellón de la Plana based in Libelium technology. Castellón Smart City project integrates 25 different kinds of sensors, “Watchmeter” IoTsens –Data Logger, Limnimeter, Waste level sensor, Meteorological station, soil moisture sensor or luminosity sensor, to measure and control data in order to obtain a global perspective. Read more.

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» Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform in Panda Raid Rally

Challenge: Demonstrate that Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform is able to monitor climate changes and tracking position in extreme conditions without suffering any damage or data loosing

On 5th March started one of the hardest and at the same time craziest amateur rallies in the world: the Panda Raid. In this edition, one member of Libelium Team took part with his 25 years old Fiat Panda. This vehicle was different to any other, because it was equipped with a Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform. Read more.

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» Water and Air Quality Monitoring in Civil Works

Challenge: Developing an environmental impacts detection system in real time which lets measure water quality an other atmospheric parameters based on Libelium technology.

VisionTech4Life is an initiative promoted by companies and research centers to know and mitigate the environmental effects which implies any civil work. In this sense, Erabi has used Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform devices in order to monitor environmental and water quality parameters in "Villaperez" water treatment plant, in Oviedo, Asturias. Read more

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» Preventing environmental impact in wastewater irrigation area for the largest meat industry in Australia

Challenge: Soil moisture control to prevent environmental impact in wastewater irrigation area for the largest meat industry in Australia

AJ Bush Meet Manufacturer is the Australia’s largest and longest established meat products businesses and has two large-scale meat rendering plants based in Australia in the cities of Queensland and New South Wales. Organic wastes from such facilities pose significant environmental management challenges. Read more

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» Coruña Smart City: creating an open innovation ecosystem

Challenge: Air and acoustic quality, water quality management, energy efficiency, traffic control, citizen interataction and tourism monitoring to imrpove city´s efficiency and the sustainability

Smart Coruña is the innovation programme which began in 2011 and whose objective is to transform the beautiful city of La Coruña into a technology hub where new services, which improve the city´s efficiency and the sustainability, are implemented. Smart Coruña has positioned the city as a benchmark for new investments and new R&D developments and has contributed to the creation of new jobs stimulating the growth of the IT sector. Read more.

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» Getaria: environment monitoring for a smart tourist destination

Challenge: Environmental control of air, noise and water in real time to increase citizens welfare and to prevent problems that can cause a negative impact on the tourism attraction

Getaria is a tourist destination of the Basque Coast in the North of Spain which has increased tourism volume in recent years. The council is searching for recognition as smart and sustainable tourism destination through an environment monitoring project linked to the public wireless network using our Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor Platform with our Smart Environment PRO, Smart City and Smart Water solutions. Read more.

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» Monitoring weather conditions to prevent pest in olives

Challenge: monitoring weather conditions to control fruit fly pest in olives groves and creating a model to predict the diffusion of flies in Umbria, Italy

TeamDev developes software and methodologies in precision farming sector for decision support in agricultural management. The objective of this project is to monitor weather conditions to control fruit fly pest in olives groves using our Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture and collecting data to create a model which can predict the diffusion of flies. Read more.

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» Smart Strawberries Crop Increases the Quality and Reduces the Time from Farm to Market

Challenge: environment monitorization using a wireless system based in Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture to get data in order to optimize strawberry crops in Emilia Romagna, Italy

Famosa, combine a wide expertise in sensors and technologies used for monitoring parameters and a knowledge in environmental, physiological and productive standards related to fruit and vegetable quality. In this project, they have developed a web service portal in order to collect data from wireless systems, using our Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture, to check environmental parameters. The aim is to get that users take advantage of these data and optimize their strawberry crops, increasing the quality and reducing the time to market. Read more.

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» Sustainable Farming and the IoT: Cocoa Research Station in Indonesia

Challenge: monitorization of the the environment with Waspmote sensor technology and Cloud analytics in order to help Indonesian farmers improve cocoa production and face climate change.

Modern farming methods based on wireless sensor technology can boost productivity, create economies of scale, and help communities thrive. Singapore-based IoT solution provider BioMachines designed a wireless sensor network system integrating Waspmote Smart Agriculture sensors to measure environmental parameters in the cocoa fields of tropical Indonesia. Read more.

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» Precision Agriculture: Predicting Vineyard Conditions, Preventing Disease

Challenge: deployment of wireless sensor networks in vineyards to constantly monitor multiple environmental parameters in order to avoid pests and optimize irrigation

Dolphin Engineering, a startup company based in Lugano, Switzerland, monitors vineyard conditions to prevent plant diseases using a wireless sensor network based on Libelium's Waspmote sensor platform. In Slovenia, Elmitel has developed a Cloud platform core, Elmitel Sensing, to create a Waspmote-based vineyard monitoring solution to cover all three parts of a sensor network: data acquisition, storage, and processing. Read more.

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» Smart Agriculture: Monitoring greenhouse conditions to develop new products in the food industry

Challenge: installation of an automated irrigation system with real time data control, capable of recording and adapting to environmental conditions inside the greenhouse

Flores en la mesa is an Aragonese company that grows and sells fresh edible flowers and crystallized flowers. These unusual products are based on plants that are carefully grown, free from chemicals, intended for human consumption. Crystallization is done by hand, slowly, to respect the anatomy of the flower and to preserve its shape and aroma. Read more.

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» Smart Farming: Monitoring Horses and Equine Facility Management with Waspmote

Challenge: using wireless sensor networks to monitor horses’ health, to control the condition of barns and stables, and generate alerts in real time

EOIT, an acronym for "Eyes on Inspiring Technology", is a young entrepreneurial company that views wireless sensor networks as an opportunity to improve agriculture, at a local level and internationally. EOIT developed Smart Horse using Libelium's Waspmote. It is an integrated technology platform that uses wireless sensor networks to monitor horses' health and the condition of barns and stables, and generate alerts in real time. Read more.

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» Smart Factory: Reducing Maintenance Costs and Ensuring Quality in the Manufacturing Process

Challenge: monitor critical processes, environmental variables throughout the factory, parameters that affect product quality and working conditions

Polibol is leader in the flexible packaging sector. Established in 1959, has won a world-wide reputation for technological leadership and innovative ideas as a flexible packaging printer and convertor. Libelium has designed a specific application for Polibol using Waspmote Plug & Sense! and Meshlium gateway to monitor critical processes. In some cases, controlling the air temperature near machinery on the factory floor is essential; in others, gas concentrations are monitored to keep compliance within authorized levels of concentration. Read more.

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» Reading Beehives: Smart Sensor Technology Monitors Bee Health and Global Pollination

Challenge: monitor honey bees remotely and in real time, within the hive

Award-winning smart beehive project is a unique platform to monitor honey bees remotely and in real time, within the hive. A group of biology, food business, and embedded systems engineering students at University College of Cork in Ireland has developed a unique platform through which they are able to monitor, collect and analyze activity within the colonies unobtrusively. Read more.

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» Water Quality Monitoring in Europe's Largest Fluvial Aquarium

Challenge: improve the measurement of the water parameters of a real aquatic environment in terms of reliability and frequency

Thanks to the collaboration between Libelium and the Aquarium of Zaragoza, measurements at the freshwater aquarium and a terrarium are taken several times per hour instead of once a day. The technology solution selected is Libelium's Smart Water. The main goal of this water-monitoring project is to automate the measurement of physical and chemical parameters in the tanks, improving the reliability and frequency of the data collected, and simplifying the tasks of the Aquarium of Zaragoza staff. Read more.

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» Urban Resilience in the Smart City: River Flood and Forest Fire Early Detection

Challenge: enable data-driven urban planning on a regional scale, with Opticits HAZUR software and Waspmote Plug & Sense!

Cities around the world are now focused on urban resilience, or the ability to withstand and recover from physical, social, and economic challenges that result from natural disasters, the forces of climate change, congestion, or other man-made disturbances. With the implementation of HAZUR and Libelium sensors, the territory of La Garrotxa can readily manage critical facets of its infrastructure and public services. Libelium's Waspmote Plug & Sense! solution power three main application configurations, measuring parameters for forest fire prevention, river flood monitoring, and ambient control, such as air quality and greenhouse gases. Read more.

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» Cold Chain Monitoring and Smart Tracking in Zaragoza

Challenge: create a real-time cold chain monitoring system for a bakery and pastry company

Tahona Goyesca is a leading Aragonese company in the bakery and pastry sector that bakes and distributes cakes and pastries that require storage at proper temperature to reach their destination in peak condition. To control the temperature and make delivery more efficient in Tahona Goyesca’s fleet of refrigerated vehicles, Libelium has designed a Smart Tracking solution using Waspmote Plug & Sense! and the Meshlium gateway. With this Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) system, the temperature and position of each delivery vehicle can be monitored in real time remotely through a pc / smartphone / tablet and basic Internet connection. Read more.

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» Libelium Sensors Launch into Space in the First Open Source Satellite

Challenge: create the first Sensor Network in the Space controlled by Researchers from the Earth

With the successful space launch of ArduSat aboard a H-IIB rocket last Sunday 4th August 2013, the first open satellite platform that allows private citizens to design and run their own applications in space is now in the International Space Station (ISS).

Included in the standard payload of the two 10cm x 10cm orbiters launched are Radiation Sensor Boards designed by Libelium that will monitor radiation levels generated by space phenomena such as sun storms and background activity. This sensing technology acts as a Geiger counter measuring gamma particles produced anywhere in space. These small Sensor Boards have a size of 4 x 3cm and an overall weight of 40gr to fit the satellite restrictions what made of the project a incredible engineering challenge for the Libelium team.

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» Detecting Radiation Levels in Fukushima: an example of crowdsourcing

Challenge: fast design of a radiation detection sensor board for Waspmote in response to the accident in Fukushima.

The creation of the Radiation Sensor Board was motivated by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima after the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011. We wanted to help authorities to measure the levels of radiation of the affected zones without compromising the life of the security and rescue teams. For this reason we designed in just 3 weeks a Geiger Counter sensor board for Waspmote, which could read the radiation levels automatically and send the information in real time using wireless technologies like ZigBee and 3G/GPRS to the control point without human intervention.

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» Smart Parking and environmental monitoring in one of the world’s largest WSN

Challenge: use the mesh capabilities of ZigBee and other adhoc protocols in a massive deployment of more than 1000 nodes located under the ground in order to enable the car detection in the streets of the city.

SmartSantander is an ambitious project leaded by Telefonica that proposes a unique in the world city-scale experimental research facility sufficiently large, open, flexible and horizontal to stimulate the development of new applications by researchers, companies and citizens. At the same time, the network must provide services to Santander inhabitants such as helping them to find free parking spots and monitoring pollution levels. In this case, Waspmote modularity and flexibility has allowed to incorporate a second communication radio enabling experimentation while ensuring high availability services.

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» Smart Agriculture project in Galicia to monitor vineyards with Waspmote

Challenge: create a statistical model to predict the appearence of plagues withing the vineyard with wireless sensor networks

Researchers from Grupo Austen, a Spanish company, have developed a system called 'Siega System' that allows to monitor in real-time a bunch of variables in order to create a whole Smart Agriculture system. This system is able to monitor different parameters such as ambient temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity or leaf wetness and has been deployed in Pontevedra, a city in the North of Spain.

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» Smart Water project in Valencia to monitor Water Cycle Management

Challenge: create a hybrid sensor network between mobile and fixed nodes and integration of water quality specific sensors.

This project was developed by the Institute of Computer Technology in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Telefonica Cathedra in Valencia (Spain). The Smart Water System consist of a mobile wireless sensor network that can be fast deployed in a particular area to monitor water quality by measuring parameters such as PH, conductivity, oxydation reduction potential (redox), disolved oxygen (DO) and turbidity. In this case, modularity and horizontal architecture of Waspmote allowed the customers to easily integrate these new sensors.

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» Smart City project in Serbia for environmental monitoring by Public Transportation

Challenge: deploy a mobile wireless sensor network with the sensor nodes located in vehicles.

The EkoBus system was developed in collaboration with Ericsson and deployed in the cities of Belgrade and Pancevo. Several Waspmotes were installed on public transportation vehicles to monitor a set of environmental parameters over a large area as well as to provide additional information for the end-user like the location of the buses and estimated arrival times to bus stops. The GPS and 3G/GPRS modules allowed the Waspmotes to work as autonomous sensor collectors.

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» Smart City project in Salamanca to monitor Air Quality and Urban Traffic

Challenge: use one single sensor network infrastructure to monitor 7 environmental parameters and provide multiple services.

This project has been developed by several companies and leaded by “Fundación CARTIF”. Its main goal was to achieve sustainable management of the traffic in the city of Salamanca by using two key-elements: a pervasive air-quality sensor network along with prediction models. The project required the measurement of 7 parameters: CO, NO2, O3, temperature, humidity, dust particles (PM-10) and noise. The flexibility of Waspmote allowed to integrate all of them in the same sensor node, making the most of each point of the the network deployed.

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» Detecting Forest Fires using Wireless Sensor Networks

Challenge: deployment of sensor networks in harsh outdoors environments.

SISVIA “Vigilancia y Seguimiento Ambiental” deployed a Wireless Sensor Network in Asturias (Spain) in order to detect forest fires by monitoring CO, CO2, humidity and temperature in 210 hectares. In a hard environment like this long range communication links along with low power consumption and solar panels as energy source were Waspmote’s most valuable features.

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