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Customized projects

We design the IoT for you! If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogue, we will design it for you.

Tell us about your challenge and we will develop the necessary technology to conquer it.

Libelium helps companies to improve their productivity by including IoT solutions that can provide better performance, cost savings and even ensure compliance with specific environmental regulations.

Customized projects

Tailoring Iot

Find all the knowledge and the experience you need in IoT with Libelium.

If your company is developing an IoT project and you need advice on…

  • The devices that best fit your objectives

  • The most appropriate connectivity for your project

  • The cloud platforms for data analysis

What we offer

  • Specialized consultancy

  • Training sessions

  • Direct customer service

  • Specific follow-up to the project

  • Field application engineer at the deployment stage

Step By Step

  • Preliminary study

    Preliminary study of the project objectives

  • Technical evaluation

    Technical evaluation with Libelium engineering service

  • Proposal

    Presentation of technical and economical proposal

  • Acceptance

    Acceptance by the customer

  • Prototyping

    Phase of prototyping

  • Validation

    Prototype validation

  • Industrialization

    Start of the industrialization and mass production stage

  • Delivery

    Delivery of the devices

  • Technical support

    Optional technical support service for installation and commissioning

Engineering Development Services

Libelium platform features a horizontal approach to the IoT adding interoperability at any point of the whole value chain: from sensors to data management on the cloud. Even although Libelium products are extremely modular, some IoT projects need special adaptations:

  • Sensor integration

    Integrate new sensors to cover specific applications.

  • Device integration

    Add third party devices to our Gateway and connect them to the Cloud easily.

  • New radio communication modules integration

    Integrate new radio technologies such as the last LPWAN and NB-IoT families.

  • Custom firmware design

    Request a complete custom base, a final program for a first demo or the design of specific source code for the sensor nodes.



Tell us about your challenge and we will develop the necessary technology.

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