Custom Hardware Design

Despite of modularity in hardware Libelium products, sometimes they must be adapted to meet the specifications of a particular project.

The idea is to reduce hardware costs by optimizing the design adapting to custom needs.

Some examples of these adaptations are:

  • Integration of new sensors on the Waspmote platform
  • Optimization of designs for specific applications
  • Integration of new communication modules

Custom Firmware Design

Despite all the information and examples available in our website, sometimes our clients need to fit schedule requirements for a first demo or deployment. For this reason Libelium offers also the design of specific source code for the motes.

The idea is to help companies to get the first deployment up and running in the minimum time possible.

This service may include:

  • Source code design for the motes (firmware coding)
  • Network configuration (ZigBee options, etc)
  • OTA activation
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