waspmote hardware

» Hardware

Waspmote hardware architecture has been specially designed to be extremely low consumption. Digital switches allow to turn on and off any of the sensor interfaces as well as the radio modules. Two different sleep modes make Waspmote the lowest consumption sensor platform in the market (0.7uA).

Gases board

» Sensor Boards

There are more than 110 sensors available to connect to Waspmote: CO, CO2, soil moisture, presence, humidity, temperature, vehicle detection, radiation, liquid, luminosity, etc. The Sensor Boards allow developers to easily use them in Waspmote.

wifi module

» Wireless Interfaces

There are 17 different wireless interfaces for Waspmote including long range (3G / GPRS / LoRaWAN / LoRa / Sigfox / 868 / 900MHz), medium range (ZigBee / 802.15.4 / WiFi) and short range (RFID / NFC / Bluetooth 4.0). They can be used solely or in combination of two by using the Expansion Radio Board.


» Industrial Protocols

Connect any sensor in industrial environments. Compatible with: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, CAN Bus, 4-20mA.

Over the air programming

» Over the Air Programming

Over the air programming (OTAP) enables firmware upgrades of the motes without the need of physical access. Firmware upgrades can be made within minutes and it is possible to choose between updating single nodes (unicast), multiple nodes (multicast) or an entire network (broadcast).

Encryption libraries

» Encryption Libraries

The Encryption Libraries for Waspmote ensure the authentication, confidentiality (privacy) and integrity of the information gathered by the sensors. To do so different cryptography algorithms including AES 256 and RSA 1024 have been implemented.

Waspmote Mote Runner - 6lowpan

» 6LoWPAN / IPv6 Development Platform (Waspmote Mote Runner)

Get IPv6 connectivity in each node by using the 6LoWPAN stack source code available. Program the nodes in Java and C#. Simulate thousand of motes working in the same network.