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Latest White Papers & Reports:

» Libelium Publishes a Quick Report about Smart Parking IoT Solution

Challenge: Key benefits and most demanded features of the IoT technology for Smart Parking Solutions' market

The hype of the smart cities is unstoppable and everybody discusses about how the technology will improve our daily life. As pioneer in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities market, Libelium offers new strategic content with a series of quick reports to bring up and summarize the benefits and characteristics that the IoT technology provides to improve citizens' quality of life. Read more.

» Libelium presents a white paper with 50 real IoT success stories after ten years of experience in the market

Challenge: Summarizing 50 of the most successful projects developed with Waspmote sensor platform for smart cities, agriculture, water, logistics, parking, eHealth or environment industries.

With the aim to unveil its horizontal approach to the IoT market, Libelium has launched a new white paper to present 50 real smart projects deployed in 120 countries all over the world. The IoT company has summarized its most successful and appealing stories, developed with Libelium technology and its partners ecosystem, for the main verticals of the market. The white paper includes real IoT projects for Environment care, water management, precission agriculture, smart cities, parking management, smart building, smart factory, logistics, retail and eHealth. Read more.

» White Paper: Enabling the Smart Agriculture Revolution

Challenge: This report is focused on Smart Agriculture sector and its aim is to analyse the state and trends of the Internet of Things related to Precision Farming

Developing Smart Agriculture with IoT technologies is a must if, according to the FAO of the UN, by 2050 worldwide food production should increase by 70% to feed 9.6 billion people. Libelium and Beecham Research are increasing and spreading the knowledge on Smart Agriculture as one of the key applications in the IoT market with the publication of a white paper offering a deep insight on how wireless sensor networks can impact in reducing crop loses and increasing production. Read more.