IoT Programming With Waspmote Online

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IoT Programming With Waspmote Online

IoT Programming With Waspmote Online



Walk step by step from installing the compiler to write your first programs and interact with sensors and communication modules.

  • Waspmote introduction
  • SD Card
  • Interrumptions
  • Accelerometer
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Sleeping Modes
  • Xbee Radios
  • Meshlium Gateway
  • WiFi module
  • Introduction to Sensor Boards (in-depth view of Events board)
  • LoRaWAN radio
  • Sigfox radio
  • OTA via WiFi
  • Integration of new interruptions in Waspmote
  • Waspmote actuator (WiFi as TCP listener + Events board relay)
  • IoT Security
  • Smart Parking

Total: 10 hours


The solution to hands-on proposed in different chapters:

  • SD Card
  • Accelerometer
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Manage Waspmote Sensor Boards
  • Sendings data to LoRaWAN networks
  • Sending data to cloud via WiFi

TOTAL: 2 hours


This is the hardware pack included in the course to implement the knowledge acquired:


  • Waspmote PCB
  • Waspmote Events board
  • WiFi module
  • PIR Sensor
  • Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor
  • Hall Sensor
  • USB cable
  • LoRaWAN Module
  • Base Station TTN indoor
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  • When do these courses start, and how long do I need to finish the course? The online courses do not have a start or end date. You can do them on your own. The classroom courses are temporarily suspended because of the Covid.
  • How can I solve my doubts? The courses IoT Programming with Waspmote and IoT Training for Trainers include tutoring hours with the teacher. See information on each course page.
  • Can I watch the videos again after the first viewing? With each course you will access the learning platform where you will find the index of the sessions and unlimited access to the videos.
  • How long can I access these videos? You can stop and restart the visualization of the videos as many times as you need.
  • Do they include practical exercises? The IoT Programming with Waspmote and IoT Training for Trainers courses include practical exercises to test the knowledge acquired. Any doubt that may arise, you can consult it through the tutorial hours with the teacher.
  • What qualification will I receive at the end? Once you have completed all the modules of the course, Libelium will provide you with a diploma to certify your knowledge.
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    For developers: Learn how to interact with sensors and communication modules strep by step with Waspmote platform.

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    18 lessons + practices + 2 hours tutorship

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    950€ / person

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    Includes the guides for the student and for the teacher with all the practices and their solutions.


Yuri Carmona

Yuri Carmona

R&D Engineer at Libelium

Luismi Martí

Luismi Martí

R&D Engineer at Libelium