IoT Programming With Waspmote

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IoT Programming With Waspmote

IoT Programming With Waspmote

IoT Programming With Waspmote Online At the moment, the face-to-face course is not available!

Discover our online version


Basic training course

2 days – you will walk step by step from installing the compiler to write your first programs and interact with sensors and communication modules.

  • Waspmote introduction
  • SD Card
  • Accelerometer
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Sleeping Modes
  • Waspmote frame
  • Xbee Radios
  • Interaction between Waspmote and Meshlium
  • WiFi module
  • Introduction to Sensor Boards (in-depth view of Events board)
  • LoRaWAN radio (includes hands-on with TTN network server)
  • Sigfox radio
  • Cellular communication modules (4G, NB-IoT)

Advanced training course

Extra day dedicated to a further understanding in Waspmote, Meshlium and Smart Parking solution.

  • Send data from Waspmote 4G/WIFI to cloud
  • Industrial Protocols
  • OTA via WiFi
  • Integration of new interruptions in Waspmote
  • Waspmote actuator (WiFi as TCP listener + Events board relay)
  • Smart Parking (includes demo with TTN)
  • IoT security
  • Attendants profile

    IoT developers, IoT architects, System Integrators, Software companies.

  • Skills needed

    Needed (C language)

  • Venue

    Libelium headquarters

  • Language


  • Duration

    2-3 days

  • Price

    1600€ – 2000€ / person

  • Additional info

    Lunch included.
    Discount available on accommodation.


Yuri Carmona

Yuri Carmona

R&D Engineer at Libelium

Luismi Martí

Luismi Martí

R&D Engineer at Libelium