Training Courses

We have a training option for you

  • Are you taking full advantage of Libelium's products?
  • Do you need help connecting the sensors?
  • Is your code working at its best?

Training courses calendar

Find out now the dates of the next training courses and choose the one that suits the best for you:

IoT Spartans Challenge

Discover this free educational program by Libelium to promote the best future IoT developers.

Free Overview Webinars

Discover Waspmote Platform with our free overview webinars from the comfort of your office.

Read explicative PDF for more information:

Explicative PDF

Knowledge Pills Webinars

Access to advanced programming resources and learn how to use specific communication modules and sensor boards.

Explicative PDF

Face-to-face Workshops

Start programming sensor applications in just 3 days with our face-to-face workshops.

Read explicative PDF for more information:

Explicative PDF

Custom Training Courses

Do you need custom training or consultancy for a specific project?

We can desgin a formula for you and deliver it InCompany, in our facilities or with our e-learning platform.

Optimize your time while developing your application.

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