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Adding XBee ZigBee 3 to Libelium portfolio | Libelium

Adding XBee ZigBee 3 to Libelium portfolio


Libelium adds ZigBee 3 to the portfolio of communication protocols for IoT projects developed both with Waspmote or Plug & Sense!

New XBee ZigBee 3 offers a fully interoperable ecosystem covering all vertical markets including building automation, smart energy, digital health, intelligent lighting, and others.

Libelium offers Plug & Sense! with ZigBee 3 in the Ambient Control, Environment PROSmart Cities PRO and every Plug&Sense! solutions, fully certified.

Xbee Zigbee 3

With Waspmote OEM, the portfolio includes ZigBee 3 modulo with antenna, Waspmote with radio and antenna or Gateway with radio and antenna.

The Programming Cloud Service now supports ZigBee to ease IoT developments.

Zigbee has become the primary development choice for low-power networking in IoT applications facilitates ease-of-use and advanced support for larger networks comprised of thousands of devices.

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