Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO, keynote talk in Strata + Hadoop World 2014, Barcelona – Spain

Libelium CEO, Alicia Asín, attended as keynote speaker at Strata Barcelona (+ Hadoop World), on November, 2014, in Barcelona, Spain.

Alicia talks in the video about the hypocrisy of privacy, big data, compare the volume of data generated by Social Media with the volume of data generated by things connected to the Internet, and the importance of data context. She put the focus on determining when the data becomes information and the implications of all this data compilation for our privacy. The keynote in entitled “Hiding Information Inside Big Data, and the Hypocrisy of Privacy.”

Strata is the main industry conference on big data and data science, and draws together people from business, data science, visualization, design as well as software developers.

The complete slide deck:

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