Convergia enters Libelium Ecosystem as Pan-American Distributor

Libelium and Convergia signed a distribution agreement for all countries in America. The company joins the most stable and mature ecosystem to empower the IoT in the American markets. This deal gives Convergia the possibility to develop IoT solutions with the addition of Libelium’s wireless sensor platform to their offer. Additionally, The IoT Marketplace enables a wide range of off-the-shelf IoT solutions to serve the growing market of vertical solutions.

Libelium is a prestigious and pioneer company in the IoT arena in applications such as smart cities, agriculture 4.0, smart parking, building management, environmental monitoring and industrial systems, among others.

Now Convergia can benefit from the solvency of a manufacturing leader. Being part of Libelium’s distributorship network brings solidity, reputation, experience and knowledge thanks to the training and technical services for the channel sales demands. Entering into Libelium’s ecosystem means to access to differentiate offers and more advanced services allowing distributors to give better customer service.

“Convergia recognizes Libelium as thought and delivery leaders of advanced connected products, Libelium takes a solutions approach to IoT, unlike others that seem to be a “bag of parts” that customers have to figure out how to apply to a business use case. We are enthused to launch work with Libelium in launching a marketplace of IoT solutions in our Pan-American Market,” states Alex Bitar, Founder and President of Convergia.

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