Libelium at Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential

Libelium has participated in the report “Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential”. It has taken part as an expert and case study contributor by means of Alicia Asín (CEO) and David Gascón (CTO) participation. This report has been promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.

The report´s aim is to study the interaction between the circular business practices and the intelligent assets, in order to highlight the rise of value creation opportunities and to show potential chances in the medium to long-term.

The fast growth in the number of intelligent assets paired with the circular economy principles can transform the global economy. For that, IoT and digital tools will become as important as physical tools, creating new business opportunities. This interaction can redefine the value generation and create social benefits for the emerging economies.

To support the main conclusions the report presents some case studies that come from different sectors:

  • Manufacturing of electronics and advanced equipment.
  • Energy and utilities.
  • Built environment and infrastructure.
  • Logistics and waste management.
  • Agriculture and fishing.
  • Smart cities.

In this sense, Libelium is classified in the Agriculture and Fishing category, more specifically in the Intelligent Natural Capital section. The report tells how Libelium develops open source sensor platforms and cloud solutions to help their clients to improve agricultural productions. For example, this IoT applications give farmers accurate data to prevent pests. Therefore the crop treatments are optimized and the benefits increase.

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