Libelium Sales Network Expands on Four Continents with New Distributors

IoT sensor market demands local support for Smart Cities, agriculture, water quality, air pollution projects

SAN MATEO, Calif., TOKYO, and ZARAGOZA, Spain—February 17, 2015—Libelium has added seven new distributors to its network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, doubling the number of authorized distributors of its Waspmote sensor network devices worldwide in less than a year.

Libelium’s new distributors in Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America will sell and install sensor network systems based on Waspmote sensor nodes and Meshlium gateways to meet increased demand for Internet of Things (IoT) technology in many areas. Sensor technology is deployed to reduce energy use, monitor environmental conditions and water quality, to improve infrastructure and urban resilience in Smart Cities, in agriculture, for environmental control, and industrial IoT projects.

Libelium’s distributor program includes systems integrators and VARs specialized in electronics, telecommunications, embedded systems, sensor deployment and wireless networks.

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“We work with our distributors as go-to-market partners to share the opportunity for expertise in wireless sensor networks. Customers of sensor network technology look to systems integrators to deliver technology solutions that fit their business needs,” said Javier Martinez, Libelium Vice President, Business Development. “With our program, VARs have access to a range of development tools, training and information resources that allow them to increase revenue and accelerate adoption of Libelium’s sensor products and services.”

Libelium products are sold and deployed through a global distribution network. To locate or propose a distributor, please contact:; telephone: +34-976-547-492.

Libelium Distributors / VARs


  • India: Intrinsic Solutions. Wireless sensor network integration, embedded systems for business organizations, R&D, government and agency customers.
  • Japan: MBEL (Mitsui Electronics). Specialized in electronics integration, MBEL provides distribution and technical support for wireless M2M products and IoT technologies.
  • China: PuTianTongDa Technologies (PUTD), a network equipment supplier and services company located in Beijing, serves customers in the areas of environmental protection, meteorological monitoring, petrochemical, power transmission, transportation and water conservation.
  • South Korea: Founded in 2012, IREXNET is active in three key business areas: network integration, solution integration, and IoT products.

Australia/New Zealand

  • Australia: M2M Connectivity provides distribution and technical support for wireless M2M products and technologies including cellular (LTE/3G/GSM), satellite (Iridium/Inmarsat/Globalstar), industrial short-range wireless (Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee) and modems, modules and accessories.


  • Germany: EXP GmbH: EXP-Tech is one of the largest DIY online shops in Europe.
  • SIDeA: SIDeA: Hardware and software system integrator focused on Smart Cities, green energy, Internet of Things, M2M, avionics and industrial automation.
  • SolPA: SolPA is a leading provider of IT, electronics, and IoT smart environment solutions for public administration customers.

North America:

  • Mexico: 5Hz Electronica: Development and manufacture of new technology products and interactive electronics.

South America:

  • Brazil: N1 Telecom. VAR and integrator specialized in telecommunications, networks, IoT solutions for enterprise customers.
  • Colombia: Innova Tecnología S.A.S.. Electronic security monitoring specialist, for industrial and residential automation, “Smart Home,” security systems, fire detection, remote lighting control.


  • Cooking Hacks: The online DIY retail store Cooking Hacks serves developers, designers, engineers, inventors, and makers for projects with sensors, robotics, actuators, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Creators of the Arduino Xbee shield, among other add-ons, Cooking Hacks began selling Waspmote OEM worldwide in September 2012.

For more information about our solutions, distribution network and partnerships contact the Libelium Commercial Department.