Libelium partners to Circular Unity to measure and certificate the carbon footprint in large events

Main music festivals can generate a footprint of 500 kg of carbon dioxide per person, counting roundtrip, but can reach up to 1500 kg when extensive travel is needed. They are concerning figures. Artists themselves have become aware of this impactful dimension and voiced their concerns.

In 2019, Coldplay announced that they would not go on tour again until they found a more environmentally friendly way. In 2021, the British band announced that their next tour would reduce its CO2 emissions by 50%. They achieved this by reducing transportation by holding multiple concerts in a few cities instead of one concert in each city. Radiohead also demands environmental measures from concert promoters or festivals where they participate as a requirement to sign contracts.

However, not all bands can afford such demands, so the problem persists. And it’s not only applicable to music concerts or festivals. Sporting events, political rallies, and even religious vigils are celebrations that leave a significant carbon emission footprint.

Aware of the importance of addressing this issue, Circular Unity and Libelium have joined forces in a technological alliance to measure, reduce, and certify the carbon footprint in event celebrations.

Circular Unity is a company dedicated to developing software for measuring and managing the environmental impact of events to achieve maximum sustainability. Their main goal is to measure and reduce the carbon footprint generated during large events by implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting environmental responsibility in the event industry.

To accomplish this, Circular Unity relies on the technological solution provided by Libelium, a renowned company specialising in IoT solutions.

Both companies integrate IoT and data analytics to assess the environmental impact of an event

The partnership enhances the ability to measure carbon footprint in event celebrations by adding a certification layer. Libelium’s technology collects data in real-time related to resource consumption and other key parameters to assess the environmental impact of an event. This data is integrated into the Circular Unity platform, which is processed and analyzed to evaluate the generated carbon footprint comprehensively. Besides a detailed carbon footprint report, the platform also generates economic, social, environmental, circularity and SDGs reports.

Thanks to Libelium’s extensive portfolio and the ease of integration of their technology, Circular Unity can perform precise measurements and certify the carbon footprint in real-time during events.

“As a football fan and Real Madrid supporter, I appreciate the work companies like Circular Unity do to help promoters and organizers run more sustainable events. I love going to the stadium to support my favourite team and, at the same time, use this moment to reduce our impact on the environment. It is an honour for Libelium to be able to work alongside Circular Unity to measure our carbon footprint as fans and now also as a company”, says Jesús Estrada, CMO of Libelium.

“As the CEO of Circular Unity, I am proud to lead a company dedicated to measuring, reducing, and future-proofing the environmental impact of events. Through our dynamic partnership with Libelium, we deploy cutting-edge technologies to measure carbon footprints in real-time, empowering event organizers to make impactful decisions and shaping a future where every celebration, big or small, leaves a positive mark on our planet”, says Eduardo Lebre, CEO of Circular Unity.

The alliance between Circular Unity and Libelium opens up new possibilities for celebrating sustainable events, allowing us to consciously enjoy any musical, sporting, or other type of event with respect to the environment.

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